Scenic Romance (6-2-18)

[WP] In your house there is a window that cannot be opened. When you look out from that window, you don’t see your world. [Link to post.]

It’s the kind of thing that can slip through the cracks, especially during the hubbub of moving day. Seven year old me explored the large room that I claimed, and it was the first time I’d ever seen a walk-in closet. It was bigger than my old room!

“Whoooooooooa..” I marveled at the plush, wine-red carpet but then daylight caught my eyes. Through a small hexagonal window I saw a snow capped mountain in the distance, under a violet sky. At seven, I did not have enough experience to understand there were no mountains on the plains of Texas, and the purple sky looked close enough to sundown that I didn’t think anything about it. My parents, and the moving guys didn’t seem to think anything of it either. As the day wore on boxes piled higher and higher in front of the window, blocking the view completely. 

It took six months to finish unpacking and get the boxes out of the way, and by then I forgot all about the mountain and purple sky. I treated the window like any other window, aware of its presence but never actually *looking* out of it.

One night while laying in bed I remembered Mikey lent me a glow-in-the-dark toy that I left in my backpack, in the closet. I used a small flashlight my dad gave me, and walked into the closet. Right when I found the toy a sharp noise made me jump. The flashlight and the toy flew out of my hands, as I turned towards the sound. A pair of green eyes glowed on the other side of the window, and the body they were attached to knocked on the glass again. A pale little girl about my age with long, stringy, dark hair. She smiled and waved me closer to the window. I moved closer and sat on the large sill on the inside of the window.

“Hi!” she said. “I’m Alliane, who are you?” I heard her through the closed window, though she did not need to yell.

“Hi, I’m Jonah,” I said. From that day on, as far as my parents were concerned, Alliane was my new imaginary friend. I got my dad to try and open the window; but, he couldn’t figure out how and told me some houses have windows that are “just for show”, so we chalked the window up to that. The whole time he ignored the mountain in the distance. Alliane and I grew up together, and we both learned about each other. Around my 12th birthday we figured out she lived in an alternate universe and we began to openly discuss the differences between our universes. Hers sounded wonderful, she had magic and was even training to be a sorcerer. Technology from my world impressed her too, though. I got an iPod for my birthday, and we loved to listen to music together while we worked on our homework. I worked on stupid geography while she got to learn cool things like fire spells. 

Leaving to college was hard, Alliane and I had become really close by then. However, she needed to leave her home too. Sorcerer’s college. I left her notes on the window whenever I visited my parents, and sometimes found notes from her too. It was a difficult long distance relationship, but we managed to keep in touch. The next big change came when I graduated college. Through notes we’d planned a time to get together, and the evening after my graduation I sat in my old closet looking at the mountain in the distance. Then, she appeared. As beautiful as the last time I saw her; pale face, long dark hair in a braid, and emerald green eyes. She wore an elegant blue and black silk robe, and I noticed a fresh tattoo on her hand. A golden star with the number 35 in the center in black numbers. 

“I did it!” she said while jumping up and down. “I’m a sorcerer!” I clapped for her.

“So, what’s next? I don’t think we ever talked about what you can do with a degree in.. uh, sorcery? I guess?” I asked. I stood from the floor and sat on the sill to be closer to her. 

“Well, magic means I can do anything I want,” she said. With a smile she snapped her fingers, I noticed her tattoo glowing. Then she vanished. “And I know exactly what I want to do,” she whispered into my ear from behind me.

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