Underneath (6-5-18)

[WP] A warrior swears blood vengeance against a time traveler from the distant future. Well aware of where and when their quarry has escaped back to the warrior approaches a feared vampire seeking the curse of immortality that they might live long enough to enact their revenge. [Link to post.]

Violet Cruz sat in her car and took a deep breath. She stared at the small Chinese restaurant while her mind ran down the checklist again. It took her two years to reach this point after Arnold’s death, after a stranger from the future murdered him.

“Trust me, I’m saving us both some heartache,” he said as she held Arnold’s lifeless corpse. He smiled at her. “If you take it personally, come have a chat with me in the year 2127.” He tossed a black business card at her, then he pressed a button on his belt. A thin vertical line appeared floating in the air in front of him. Violet watched the man touch the light, then disintegrate into the beam. It seemed as if the light pulled him in, one atom a time. Once he and the light disappeared she looked at the business card. 

“Maxwell Bellman: Temporal Executioner. 2127,” shone on the front of the dark card in gold ink along with an address on the back. She held on to the card, but forgot about it during the first month after her husband’s death. Arnold was the most loving, and sensitive man she’d ever met. She spent most of her time wondering why anyone would have a grudge against Arnold, much less someone from 109 years into the future. 

She found all the answers while cleaning out her husband’s office. She accidentally knocked a drink off his desk and discovered a loose floorboard as she cleaned it up. She wiggled the flooring free and found a black leather travel journal inside along with a single gold coin the size of her palm. She flipped through the journal and realized her husband used it as a diary. 

She began reading it, and remained engrossed throughout the night. Each new day in the diary fueled her desire for revenge more and more. This diary she was never supposed to read contained proof of his love in every day. His every thought, and every action were for her. He accidentally discovered a magical underworld, and instead of fearing it he embraced it for Violet. He wanted to share it with her. The diary detailed all of his plans that he would not get to realize anymore. But now she had the answers she needed. 

Two years later she sat in her car with everything prepared. She took one more breath then forced herself out of the car and across the street. She entered the Chinese restaurant to the sound of a chime over the door. An elderly Asian woman stepped out of the active kitchen, but Violet did not see any other patrons in the restaurant. 

“How many?” The woman asked while preparing menus. 

“I’m here to see Donna Chang,” Violet said. The woman looked up. 

“That’s me. What you need?” she asked. Violet pulled the large gold coin from her purse, then offered it to Mrs. Chang.

“I want to be turned,” Violet said. “I’ve already made all the arrangements in my personal life, I’m ready today. Now.” She rattled off the practiced speech. Donna examined the gold coin; she studied the bat engraved on one side, then flipped it over to reveal a scythe engraved on the other. The old woman offered the gold coin back to Violet. 

“No good. Out of power,” she said. 

“What? It’s a coin, how is it out of power?” Violet refused to take the coin back. Donna Chang held it up and pointed to the scythe on the back. 

“Coin fine. This symbol, this vampire no longer recognized.” Violet began to shake her head, denying to accept the reality. She had worked so hard over the last two years, given up so much. This was supposed to be the easy part all laid out for her. 

“But he’s still a vampire, right? Even if he’s not on the council or whatever…” Violet grabbed Donna’s hands while pleading with her eyes. “… he can still turn me, right? Do you know where he is?” Donna nodded.

“I tell you, but you assume all risk. Not recognized vampire means no rules. No guarantee of safety.” Donna explained. Violet nodded.

“That’s fine, my life is already wrapped up anyway. No matter what happens. Please tell me where?” Donna Chang nodded and patted Violet on the shoulder. “Sit, sit. I tell you, but you eat first. Enjoy maybe last meal.” 

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