Sun’s Favorite

[WP]The demon hordes have finally been vanquished, and the legendary Hero-King has slain the Lord of Darkness. As prophecies foretold, the sun god descends to reward “the bravest and most heroic” – but he walks right past the Hero-King, and instead approaches a common soldier from the rank and file. [Link to post.]

The citizens gathered around the King’s castle at mid-day to celebrate his victory over the Lord of Darkness. The King arranged a stage on the grounds, and now he sat in this throne on the stage with his chosen Queen next to him while the soldiers and other villagers mingled with their families. The day was bright and everyone hoped the merry-making would draw out the Sun God, it was well known that he enjoyed reveling as much as anyone. Several hours after the party began a vertical black hole appeared hovering over the center of the stage. 

“He’s here!” the first villager to see the hole, a young boy, shouted. He burrowed through the crowd to stand at the end of the stage. He clapped his hands excitedly, and the rest of the villagers realized what was happening. They rushed to gather around the stage as well, hoping to receive a random blessing. The Sun God wielded so much power, even HE could not contain it all. A single golden boot tip stepped out of the hole, followed by the rest of the white clothed leg. Then, the other leg along with the rest of the man stepped out of the hole. He lifted his arms wide to applause from the villagers as he exited the portal. He wore white, light cloth pants, as well as a white suit jacket with a golden vest visible underneath. 

“Formation!” The King called out. The soldiers in the crowd fell into lined ranks in front of the stage, facing the king. Their families and other villagers fell back to give them room. The King stood from his throne and approached the smiling Sun God, as he walked closer the man in the white suit knelt and before the king, his bow presented the tattoo of a sun on his bald head. The number 46 was tattooed on the sun in black letters. The King stopped in his tracks and bowed at the sight of the tattoo. 

“We defeated the Lord of Darkness,” the King began to speak. “Just as you said we would. Thank you, my God, thank you! My kingdom and I are indebted to you, my God.” As the king spoke the Sun God walked around the edge of the square stage, smiling and waving at all the villagers. Tiny golden sparkles occasionally shot off his person and into the crowd. Whenever a villager caught one they cheered and ran off while glowing with golden light. The blessing affected everyone differently, and only for a short time. 

“You’ve done exactly as I predicted, and I believe I offered a reward when this deed was done, correct?” The Sun God asked the King. “You may rise,” he added. 

“Yes, God, if you would be so generous. You promised to reward the bravest and most heroic of us.” The King spoke, though still kept his gaze trained on the ground. 

“And you are the one that dealt the finishing blow?” The Sun God asked.  The King nodded eagerly.

“Yes, God. It was a difficult victory, but in the end I personally ran my sword through the Lord of Darkness’ neck to release his head from his body.” The King said without embellishment. The Sun God nodded at the King, then turned to face the formed troops. 

“It takes more than any single blow to win a war against evil.” The man in white looked out at the soldiers, then hopped off the stage. He continued to speak with his deep, smooth voice carried by magic to everyone in earshot. “It takes determination,” he said as he walked through the formation. “It takes heart.” He scanned the soldiers as he walked by them. “Bravery and heroism are only side-effects of greater human qualities.” He stopped in front of a female soldier in order to appraise her. She kept her green eyes facing forward as he looked her up and down, though she did notice the extended stare at her chest. He leaned closer to her ear.

“What’s your favorite number?” he asked her only, is voice did not carry. Her eyes went wide, but she whispered out an answer.

“34,” her lips barely moved. The Sun God gave her a broad smile and a wink. 

“Many pieces needed to do their part first,” the Sun God spoke to everyone again, though he turned to face the King. “… so that YOU, your highness, could relieve the Lord of Darkness’ headache. The Sun God lifted his hand high up in the air to collect sunlight. Energy formed a small ball glowing ball in his hand. 

“The bravest, most heroic warrior is not the one that is destined for it. You’ve been trained, you’ve been equipped with the finest magic artifacts available; your victory was handed to you as long as you put in the slightest effort, which you did. But, the bravest are those who go to war without any magic or fancy weapon specialties. The ones whose parents were farmers and have never held anything more than a lumber axe or rake.” He brought his glowing hand down on the woman in front of him. An explosion of light engulfed the entire formation causing all the villagers to turn away and shield their eyes. After several seconds the villagers began to open their eyes and they looked to where the explosion happened. All the soldiers wore golden armor, with red flowing capes behind them. 

“I have gifted each of you with a permanent blessing, though the armor is entirely decorative. Feel free to sell it, your blessings are within you.” The Sun God said, now speaking from the center of the stage. The female soldier stood next to him while he addressed the rest. The soldiers cheered and applauded, slapping each other’s armor happily. “But, I’m keeping this one.” He pointed to the soldier behind him, but no one seemed to care. Everyone was watching the soldiers try to figure out what their individual blessing was. He gave a slight shrug, and opened a vertical black hole beside him. He gestured for the soldier to step in, and she did without hesitation. 

“Dear God, my God. I too am ready to receive my blessing.” He fell to his knees before the Sun God, clasping his hands to beg before the man in white. The man waved at him dismissively, then began to step through his own portal. 

“You’re a King, how much more blessed do you want to be?” The Sun God asked rhetorically before the hole disappeared. 

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