Naga Hide (6-13-18)

[WP] In a crime-ridden city, only fools dare to mess around with the Blackrose Church. This is the story of how you met the Blackrose Nun and her followers. May God have mercy on your enemies’ souls. [Link to post.]

Penny closed her eyes and turned her head to avoid the thug’s foul breath. The large naga pinned her against a brick wall with his arms, and she felt the tip of his snake tail caress her inner thigh. 

“You took a wrong turn,” the naga said. He did not know where she wanted to get to, but his statement was no less true. If she was lucky he would only rob her. Penny felt the tail inch higher up her leg. 

“You shouldn’t make assumptions,” Penny said with a slight smirk. The naga’s tail inched up her leg enough for her to grab, his green reptilian eyes went wide when she gripped the wriggling tail. “I was actually looking for you,” she said. “Word on the street is you know how to find the Blackrose Church,” She squeezed the tip of his tail harder and applied pressure with her thumb. The naga tried backing away, but he failed to pull his tail free of her grip and he instead tripped; he hit the ground face fist. “You can tell me,” she said. She squeezed harder and her thumb sank into the naga’s tail, black blood oozed out. He screamed and dug his claws into the ground. “Sorry, it’s okay! I’m a cleric!” Her hand glowed with golden light; the naga’s wound healed itself around Penny’s thumb still embedded in him. She wiggled it around in him causing him to wince with every movement. “Since I healed you, you’ll tell me how to find the Blackrose Church, right?” she asked, then wiggled her thumb some more. 

“Wanna find the Blackroses?” a female voice asked. Penny turned to see a gnome standing at the alley entrance. “You found one, quit abusing our doorman.” Penny pulled her thumb out of the naga causing him to howl in pain. She walked towards the gnome, then introduced herself once she stood close enough.

“I’m Penny, human cleric. I want to join the Blackrose guild.” She looked over her shoulder and gestured at the whimpering naga. “You’ve already seen how well I can handle myself.” The gnome scoffed. 

“What, the naga? Please. My kindergarten class can beat him up.” The gnome lowered her backpack to the ground and began stretching. “I’m Bitsy. Gnome cleric and leader of the Blackrose guild. Let’s see what you can do, pick your game.” Penny looked up and down the narrow alley. The street seemed to be about seven feet wide with smooth brick walls towering on each side. 

“Here?” she asked. Bitsy nodded. “Our nuns have to be flexible. Ready to go at a moment’s notice.” 

“Derby Pong,” Penny said. Bitsy nodded with a smile. 

“Good choice.” She reached into her backpack. Penny heard a noise from the bag as if Bitsy pressed a button, then the alley began to change around them. The sharp 90 degree angles smoothed out. Two stories off the ground the buildings leaned in toward each other closing off the open-air. The alley became a long, smooth, round tunnel that they could skate in. Penny skated to the far end of the tunnel then turned to face the gnome. 

“Ready?” Bitsy’s high voice echoed through the tunnel.

“Yes!” Penny yelled her reply. 

“You win, you’re in,” Bitsy said. She pulled a red ball out of thin air then served it at Penny using a wooden mace, her cleric weapon. The ball flew wide, but Penny managed to skate up the side of the wall to return the ball to Bitsy using her own mace. The ball rocketed back and forth between the girls, each one skating up and around the pipe as needed, for several turns before Bitsy decided to make things more interesting. After a return she rushed to her bag and pressed a button inside of it. A single zombie appeared in the middle of the tunnel.

“Hazards” a deep male voice ran through the tunnel, but Penny’s return was already on the way back. The ball missed the zombie, which Bitsy was thankful for. She wanted to see how Penny would adapt. Bitsy kept one eye on the rotting zombie and intentionally avoided it when she returned the ball.

On the other end of the tunnel Penny needed to skate a loop around the tunnel to strike the ball back. She managed to hit it while upside down, but she was not careful with her aim. The red ball flew straight for the zombie’s head. It did not have the force to do anything more than bounce off the zombie’s head and land on the ground. After it touched the ground the red ball disintegrated. 

“Point: Bitsy” The tunnel’s deep voice announced. The zombie turned to face Penny, then took a step toward her. Once both feet cleared its starting point another zombie formed in its place. Bitsy served the ball again, it flew past the zombie’s head and Penny tried to return it with force. She put all her strength into smacking the ball into the zombie that shambled towards her. She knew she might lose a point, but if the zombie reached her she’d lose the game entirely. The ball hit the zombie then fell to the floor, the zombie continued walking. 

“Point: Bitsy,” the tunnel said. Bitsy took her time with the next serve; she took a moment to watch Penny skate back and forth up the walls of the tunnel to avoid the zombie. It reached her side of the field, but needed to touch her to win. Bitsy launched the ball while casting a cleric spell, Holy Flash, under her breath. Golden light trailed the red ball glowed as it flew at Penny. 

She skated past the zombie to strike the ball, but the instant her mace touched the ball an explosion of brilliant golden light filled her side of the field. The flash blinded her and she stumbled backwards into the zombie. 

“Game: Bitsy,” the tunnel said, then it morphed back into the stern alley full of 90 degree angles. 

“Well, too bad. See you around,” Bitsy waved at the woman then walked out of the alley. 

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