Summer Story (6-14-18)

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What I did on my Summer Vacation
by Crag Blackgut

This summer vacation was the best ever. My dad works the dragon stables at the castle and he let me go to work with him some days to feed and take care of the dragons. Other days I helped my older sister study for her entrance exam. She wants to be a cleric, and she said she needed to practice a lot of healing. It was a busy summer but I still found time to hang out with my friends too. This was a great summer and I feel like I learned a lot to help me start off the school year on the right foot. 

Like everyone else, I’ve seen dragons at festivals. But, seeing them up close is very different. My dad did not let me get near the big ones, but he let me train with one of the young ones. A lot of people don’t realize that the stable hands, like my dad, teach the dragons how to fight. He let me put some armor on then he put me in a training pit with a white baby dragon. The babies do not have their breath yet, but they’re still dangerous. Well, dangerous for anyone that’s not an orc like me. I beat it up pretty easily. 

My sister, Hilda, always wanted to cleric even though my mom wanted her to be a shaman like she was. Cleric and shaman spells are different, and my mom taught Hilda shaman spells. So Hilda asked if she could practice on me. I told her yes if she did my chores for the whole summer and she agreed. I think she just liked cutting me, but I don’t mind because I didn’t have to do any chores. She needed a lot of practice, but I think she’s ready for the test. 

I also spent time playing with my friends, Kamx the minotaur and Alin the goblin. We explored the forest and found a fairy village. They didn’t know what hit them. Kamx used his axe to split the tree open, and Alin used his lightning spells to stun them. He’s training to be a storm mage, and his lightning spells are really good. We killed all the fairies and sold their wings, then we divided the money to upgrade our equipment. Kamx got his axe enchanted, Alin got a new robe and I bought a new sword. 

I had so much fun this summer, and learned so much from everyone. Fighting the dragon was really great, and I decided that I want to be a dragon rider. I got to taste fairy, but I didn’t like it much. I’m really looking forward to see what I learn during the school year, and I’m happy that Kamx and Alin are in my class. I hope we all have a great year. 

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