Blood and Magic (6-15-18)

[WP] The prisoner is lead on the platform. The crowd is unusually quiet. As the noose is placed around the neck, a tear drops from the executioners eye. With a muffled “Thank you”, only meant to be heard by the condemned, he pulls the lever to open the trapdoor. [Link to post.]

“Change has come to our kingdom,” King Willen addressed the gathered citizens. “I brought change to our Kingdom.” He held a hand up to the sky; it glowed with brilliant red light. “I know many of you will find it difficult to adapt, but let me reassure you that while the transition may be difficult, I am doing this for the future prosperity of our kingdom.” The glow dissipated from his hand, then he pointed toward the swinging corpse. “It’s time to let the past die.” The king retreated to his chambers to the sound of silence. No applause followed his speech.

The executioner pointed to a man at the front of the crowd, the man stepped forward to grab the hanging corpse. Two other men from the crowd also stepped forward under the wooden platform. The executioner looked down the trapdoor, and released the rope when they held the body. The three men supported the body over their heads and carried it through the crowd. Each citizen knelt before the men as they passed, then joined the procession after they walked by. 

The front of the line reached the cemetery atop the hill before the people at the back left the outskirts of town. As everyone reached the cemetery they gathered around the man’s corpse. The three men carefully placed the man’s body in a marble sarcophagus then stepped back and knelt. Many other citizen’s knelt, and those that did not bowed their heads to wait. After an hour, a priest wearing black robes emerged from the crowd.

“King Willen has spoken, and the time of change is upon us.” The priest looked around at all the bowed heads in the crowd. “But change, like death is a natural part of life.” He gestured at the coffin. “Even an unnatural death,” the priest turned to point at the king’s castle in the distance. “Even unnatural change. However, our people are strong. We have been graced with a wise, loving, strong king. He taught us not to fear change.” The priest made a fist. “He taught us that together we are stronger than any one man.” The priest nodded toward an armored man in the crowd that stepped forward. 

“King Willen wields powerful dark magic that we were not able to combat,” The knight paced a circle around the marble sarcophagus as he addressed the crowd. “Yet,” he added. “In his infinite wisdom, King Edward,” the knight kissed his own hand then touched the edge of the open coffin. “knew magic would threaten us one day, and he began preparations.”The first priest approached the former king’s casket while the knight spoke, and several other robed priests followed. The priests formed a circle around the night and the coffin. 

“King Edward studied magic, though Willen enacted his plan sooner than anticipated,” The knight said. The priests began chanting. “However, we all know what kind of man King Edward was,” the knight smiled. Nods and smiles spread throughout the crowd. “He was never one to be caught unaware.” A golden glow became visible from within the coffin, and the priests chanted louder. The knight knelt in front of the coffin. He leaned forward to touch his forehead to the white marble and his hands reached into the coffin. The lead priest stopped chanting and broke from the rest while the knight prayed to himself. The priest reached into his robe and retrieved a small silver and gold dagger. He knelt across from the knight and reached into the coffin with the dagger ready.

“Brave Sir Peter,” the priest jammed the dagger into the coffin, then his arm made a broad movement from left to right using all his strength. “Wash your hands of mortality and receive the gift of magic that may only be granted by consecrated royal blood. May your hands lead us to victory and prosperity.” The knight lifted his moist, red hands from the coffin and held them high up to show the gathered crowd. The priests continued to chant and the blood on Sir Peter’s hands began to glow with golden light.

“I accept this magic in the name of King Edward. His legacy will not be forgotten.”

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