Quality Time (6-19-18)

[WP] The Legendary Hero and his “A” team of adventurers (a knight, a wizard and a ninja) have been captured by the Dark Lord and now it’s up to his “B” team (a bard, a thief and jester) all lead by the Hero’s mom to rescue them and defeat the lord of darkness once and for all. [Link to post.]

“Mrs. Guzman, can we take a break?” Mario, the clown, asked. He stopped walking and lingered behind the rest of the group. “I can’t travel as fast as the rest of you,” he added. The rest of the group halted, and the tall woman that led them turned around to face the clown. 

“My name is Willa in here,” she made eye contact with Brad the bard, and Ralph the thief to remind them also. “We can take a short break here, but you’re specced wrong if you can’t keep up.”

“Yeah, I know,” Mario grumbled to himself while he sat on a log. “I just figured out that I’m an Agility tank, not at Defense tank. Haven’t been able to respec yet.” Willa, the tall human cleric, place a hand on the boy’s shoulder. He looked up at her, then she handed him a handful of gold coins. 

“Do it now. I need you at your best when we face the Dark Lord.” Mario’s face lit up, he eagerly accepted the coins. 

“I won’t say no, but how come you don’t just,…” Mario’s question was interrupted by a hard slap to the back from Willa. 

“We need to beat him. It’s the only way to get my son back,” she said.

“Okay, let me respec. Be right back.” Nanos gathered in the air around Mario. They collected into a white bubble that enveloped the clown completely.

“We’re almost there, are you guys ready?” Willa asked Ralph and Brad. They each nodded at her.
“Thanks for coming with me. I would have come alone, but I know it’ll mean something to David if he sees his friends too.” The white bubble disappeared with an audible pop. 
“Ready,” Mario said. He gave a thumbs-up gesture to the group.
“Then let’s keep moving,” Willa said. She began walking without another word, the three boys needed to rush in order to catch up to her. After several more miles, they stood in a large wheat field. Willa pointed at a dark castle standing beyond the edge of the field. “Now’s the time to raise your guard,” she said. Willa cast a golden spell to boost her party’s Def and HP. The thief vanished, but Willa’s buff gave him a golden outline visible to the rest of the party. 
They made it into the castle without incident, thought a pair of guards on the second floor tested their teamwork. Mario used the opportunity to test out his new skills. Switching his points to agility instead of defense helped him be a more effective tank. He dodged every single strike launched against him by one of the guards; holding his attention while the rest of the group assaulted the other guard. He continued to taunt the guard even when the rest of the team joined in, and the guard’s attention did not leave Mario.
“Nice job, Mario,” Willa said with a smile.
“They’re just NPCs,” Brad said. “They’re easy to taunt.”
“Uhuh. Are you forgetting the dozens of NPCs he couldn’t taunt before he respecced?” Willa asked as she walked by the bard toward the next room. 
“Oh, right. Nice job, Mario.” Brad followed Willa, then Mario and Ralph’s golden outline followed Brad. The group reached the Dark Lord’s throne room without any other incidents, but upon entering the Dark Lord’s presence, they discovered why. Every other guard in the castle stood in the throne room, ready to greet the guests. Willa’s son, David, sat in a throne next to the Dark Lord. His three friends, Gabrel the knight, Ellis the Wizard, and Ghost the Ninja stood behind him, all four kids wore smiles on their faces, but Willa’s entrance drew David’s attention. 
“Mom? What’s going on?” David stood from the elegant golden throne and pointed at the three guys that arrived with Willa.”How come they’re here?”
“I miss you,” Willa said. She stepped forward and spread her arms wide to indicate the whole time. “We all miss you. Come home.” David’s gaze alternated between his mom and the Dark Lord to his left, then he sat down in his throne again. 
“I can’t. Dad won’t let me,” he said. As he spoke the three boys behind his throne scooted to the side to stand behind the Dark Lord’s throne. 
“That’s why we’re here,” Willa said. After she reassured David she turned her attention to the Dark Lord. “It’s time for that rematch, Daniel. Four on four.” The Dark Lord stood from his throne and smiled at Willa. 
“Happy to, dear.” 

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