A Kind Death (6-22-18)

[WP] You Are Lord Death. After Eons Of Work, You Decide To Take A Vacation, And Let Your Assistant Take Your Spot In Your Absence. [Link to post.]

“Here you go, Mr. Grimm. Penthouse Suite.” The fair-haired desk clerk in a red blazer presented Joe Grimm with a white key-card, then gestured to the young bellhop eager to earn a tip. “Greg will show you the way.” Joe nodded, then followed after the young man whom already stepped into the elevator carrying Joe’s single black duffle bag. 

“Are you here for the festival?” Greg tried to fill the quiet ride to the top floor. Joe shook his head. 

“Not especially. It might be fun to watch from my room, but I plan to relax and enjoy my vacation. No work for me,” he smiled. 

“Work? At a festival?” Greg’s brown eyes clouded with confusion, but then it seemed as if someone turned on a light in his brain.  “OH!” He stepped closer and whispered. “Are you an entertainer?” A broad smile overtook Joe’s face. 

“Something like that,” he nodded. “I’ve been known to knock ’em dead in my time.” The elevator dinged, then the doors slid open to a beautiful penthouse view.  Directly ahead of the elevators sat a large infinity pool carved into the floor. From the elevator, it seemed like the edge of the infinity pool connected to the ocean’s horizon. Greg carried Joe’s bag into the room while the overworked man appreciated the view of the setting sun sinking into his swimming pool. Joe’s moment was interrupted by a gentle throat clear given by Greg. He once again stood in the elevator next to Joe and held a single palm out in a suggestive manner. 

“Oh sorry. I’m in your way,” He stepped out of the elevator, splitting his attention between the gorgeous view and the young man. “You know, I forget how beautiful the world is sometimes.” Greg nodded. “Got a girlfriend, Greg?”  Joe asked.

“Yes, sir. As a matter of fact…” Greg reached into his own pants pocket and pulled out a small red box. “After tonight she’ll be my fiancee.” He eagerly opened the tiny box to show off a golden ring with a diamond speck that he saved up three months for. Joe stepped forward, still smiling, and gave Greg a solid pat on the back. 

“Young love! It’s as wonderful as that view over there,” Joe pointed to the pool. “Greg, you don’t know how lucky you are that I’m in a fantastic mood.” He reached into the inside of his dark suit coat and retrieved his wallet. “You don’t want to propose on a beach, everyone does that.” He opened the wallet, pulled out his credit cards and driver’s license, then handed the bulging wallet to Greg. “Go tonight. Fly to Vegas and start your new life together tonight.” Greg found himself dumbstruck. Sounds of shock and surprise left his mouth, but he seemed to be unable to form words. His fingers slid through the wallet as he counted the money. 

“Two thousand dollars? Are you serious right now??” Greg asked with a high pitched tone in his voice. 

“Oh no, wait.” Joe grabbed the wallet from Greg’s hand, then pulled the cash out. He handed the wallet and the cash back to Greg. “Check again.” Greg’s eyes grew wide. He counted two thousand in his hands and found another two thousand in the wallet. “Keep the wallet.” Greg held the wallet upside down shaking $100 bills onto the marble floors. “But, you know. Be discreet.” 

“Right, thanks!  THANK YOU!” He whooped and cheered while hugging Joe. After a bit Greg managed to get back into the elevator and headed downstairs again, leaving Joe alone in the suite. He walked straight out to the balcony and sat in a chaise to enjoy the rest of the sunset. He fell asleep, then woke up to an orange sky and the sound of laughter. He looked over the balcony and saw a crowd of people standing around a flaming plane on the beach. It seemed to have crashed into the stage. Black smoke billowed from the broken wood and shattered jumbo screen. Strangers stood around talking and pointing at the plane, on closer inspection Joe noticed some of the beachgoers on fire, but no one seemed to be too bothered. He walked away from the ledge and retreated to the bathroom and started drawing a bath. 

“I’m on vacation,” he said to himself. Joe decided he was hungry while he waited for the tub to fill and ordered room service. “Just bring it in, I’ll be in the tub,” he added after ordering a pizza. 

“Room service.”  A knock on the door woke Joe from his tub nap. 

“Thank you, give me a sec.” He shouted through the door, then rose from the water to dry off a bit and don a white fluffy robe. He opened the door to find a young redheaded woman wearing the hotel’s red uniform. However, spots of it looked to be a darker, brownish red. She stood with her back to the bathroom but turned at the sound of the bathroom door opening. A large gash decorated her neck from ear to ear, still dripping blood over the front of her uniform. 

“Do you maybe want some medical attention?” Joe asked the bleeding woman. She shook her head with a smile. 

“Haven’t you heard yet? Death’s broken. No one’s dying!”  Joe brought his fingers to his face and massaged the bridge of his nose. 

“I’m sure it’ll catch up,” he said at last, then pointed to the wound. “You should get that looked at before it does.” She dismissed the advice with a handwave and walked to the elevator, without any sign of waiting for a tip. She pressed the button while she waved bye to Joe again. 

“Maybe tomorrow, but the festival just got amped up big time. It’s gonna be a blast.” She stepped into the elevator and smiled as the doors closed. Joe took a deep breath and closed his eyes. 

“I’m on vacation. He has to learn sometime,” he talked himself out of what he really wanted to do. When he opened his eyes a young blonde boy in green board shorts and a black hoodie stood in front of him.

“Dad, I think I messed up.” 

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