OooooooooooooooH. (6-28-18)

[CW] A short story with a plot twist using the letter “o” exactly 15 times. [Link to post.]

“Fredericks!” the guard yelled at the cell’s inhabitants. A tall, plump man walked near the bars, his steps echoed in the cell.

“That’s me,” Lenny Fredericks said. The guard let him pass. 

“Lawyer’s here, this way.” The guard grabbed Lenny’s arm and guided him through the maze of walls that made up the station. He sat Lenny at a table facing a brunette woman in a black suit. 

“Mr. Fredericks, I’m the lawyer handling this case. My name is Erica Quintanilla.” The lawyer presented her hand, and Lenny accepted it with an eager shake.  

“Nice’ta meet’cha.” Lenny said. After they disengaged their handshake, Erica placed Lenny’s file between them, then started her interview while scanning the sheets. 

“Mr. Fredericks,-” she began.

“Call me Lenny,” Lenny suggested. She returned a friendly smile.

“Lenny, the victim was a friend, right?” Lenny’s head dipped slightly, and his blue eyes darkened. 

“Yeah. Me an’ Ellie been friends since I can remember. She was my best friend, we had a marriage pact an’ all that.”

“I see. The detective checked your alibi, and everything came up clean. But, we think you can still help with the investigation,” Erica said. Lenny’s head perked up.

“Anything!” he sat up straighter, eager. He jumped in his skin, and released a small yelp when he felt the guard lean against his shoulder with a heavy hand, he didn’t expect it. 

“Yes?” Erica’s gaze shifted as she asked the guard. 

“Uh,” He lifted his hand, then stepped back. “Just checking. Everything fine, Miss Quintanilla?” the guard asked. 

“Everything’s fine, Steve,” she replied with a stern face, then she faced Lenny again. 

“The detective thinks that it might help the case if we knew why she was there that night? Any ideas?” she asked. Lenny shrugged. 

“She had plenty secrets. I was fine with it, but I knew she had a shady side,” Lenny said. He wiggled in his chair, and he again felt a heavy hand. Luckily he didn’t jump. 

“Yes?” Erica asked again. 

“Uh, fine?” the guard asked with a slight tremble.

“Yes.” Erica replied sharply. “Tell me. Ellie’s shady side, share it,” she asked Lenny.

“Well,” Lenny wiggled in his chair. “It wasn’t half as shady… AS MINE!” Lenny left his chair and extended his still cuffed hands at Erica. Then he halted, with his fingers centimeters near her neck. Steve the guard stared at them with wide, panic filled eyes.

“DAMNIT STEVEN DID YOU READ THE FUCKING SCRIPT????!!!” Erica snapped and yelled at the guard.

“BOOOOO!” the audience grumbled.

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