For Queen & Country

[WP] As long as someone in the world is singing “Long Live the Queen”, the Queen will not die. But someone is assassinating them one by one. [Link to post.]


Edward watched the man’s blue eyes become dull and lifeless. He sat on the man’s chest using his weight to pin him down, but now that the man would no longer be fighting back Edward relaxed. He drew the small thin blade out of the man’s neck, then stood to begin the cleanup. His phone rang.


“Yes?” he answered it, then paced towards the balcony to admire the sunset. He expected the call to drag out, but felt no particular hurry. He cased his mark perfectly; he could stay the whole weekend and still manage to get away with it.


“Yes, he’s down. One left,” Edward said. He turned to glance inside the condo at the body he left on the floor. Another man in a dark suit sat in a nearby chair unconscious and tied to the chair. “No it won’t be hard, I’m looking at him right now. Just say the word.” Edward stared out over the balcony, he watched the sun dipping into the ocean while his client deliberated. Finally he received more instructions through the phone. He nodded.


“Okay, I’ll wait for your call.” Edward hung up the phone, then wandered back inside to begin the cleanup.  He carried the corpse out to the plastic lined trunk of his car, and found the other man stirring when he returned.


“Do you know who we are!?” He said loudly while straining against the zip-ties that kept him attached to the chair. Edward nodded.


“I know exactly who you are. That’s why I’m here.” Edward knelt on his hands and knees to clean the floor near the man.


“How could you do this to the Queen? You’re a traitor!” he yelled at Edward and made an attempt to spit on him. Spittle dribbled down his chin, but Edward ignored him to focus on his task of cleaning.


“The Queen is old, it’s time to bring in some younger blood,” Edward said.


“HOW DARE YOU!” the man made an attempt to kick at Edward, but he only succeeded in tipping his chair over, and smashing his face on the ground. “Owwwwww.” he groaned. Edward chuckled to himself, then stood from the floor. He walked over to the man then he sat the man and chair upright again.


“The Queen is human like everyone else, she’s probably dying…,” Edward chuckled to himself, and punched the prisoner on the shoulder for added amusement. “…for a break.” The man began to scoff at the thought, but Edward’s phone rang again.


“Yes?” He answered the familiar number. “Okay, one second,” he set the phone down on a nearby table without hanging up, then pulled up a chair and sat in front of the prisoner.  He leaned forward and pressed the phone against the prisoner’s ear.


“Someone wants to say hello,” Edward said with a smile. Without missing a bit the well-dressed prisoner yelled into the phone.


“LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!  I’m sorry, what?” Edward chuckled to himself.


“No, why are you doing this?” the prisoner’s head shook subconsciously. “I will always stand by my oath. Is there no other way?” Edward remembered asking that same question when he accepted the job. He watched the man go through the same process he did, until the man’s body relaxed completely. He accepted it much faster than Edward had. The man took a deep breath and nodded.


“I understand,” he looked up at Edward. “…asking for you,” he said. Edward cut the man loose, then placed the silver blade in the man’s hand. He took the phone, stood, and walked outside again.


“Yes?” Edward spoke into the phone as the sun dipped below the horizon completely. “It’s been an honor your Highness. Thank you, may you rest in peace at last,” Edward said. After a moment he hung up the phone, then walked back into the house to clean up the second body.


Thank you for reading! I’m responding to prompts every day in 2018, this is #208. You can find them collected on my blog.

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