Skills (temporary)

This will be a temporary space until I have enough skills developed to create class and race pages.


  • {Gazelle’s Grace}: Beastmaster ability

Group Buff: Gazelle’s Grace – Movement. 2x Speed; stacks with other group buffs.


  • {Shark Skin}: Beastmaster ability, Mermaid (shark variant) ability.

Self Buff: Shark Skin – Armor. 3x Defense. Damage Shield. Returns 10% of damage to an attacker.


  • {Silver Tongue}: Bard ability,

Attack: Launches a silver blade from the Bard’s mouth. The blade deals 1 point of damage and is considered a silver weapon. If the blade sticks in an enemy it becomes a focal point for all Sonic damage for 30 seconds.


  • {Target Timbre}: Bard weapon ability

Requires: Unique instrument [#17 El Bandolón (The Mandolin), #18 El Violoncello (The Cello), #29 El Tambor (The Drum), #43 La Campana (The Bell), #53 El Arpa (The Harp)] 

This ability allows the Bard to target a focal point for all Sonic damage for 30 seconds without using the {Silver Tongue} ability. If used with {Silver Tongue}, Sonic damage is tripled. 


  • {Tiger’s Roar}: Beastmaster ability, Tiger Soul ability

Attack: Sonic damage. 5% chance of inflicting Fear.


  • {Valkyrie’s Retreat}: Angel Soul ability

Group Buff: Deafening – Sonic Defense. 100% Armor for each Angel Soul equipped (Maximum 200%).

Group Buff: Gliding Step – Movement. Each step becomes a leap; 4x speed.





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