Mundo’s Daughter

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“She can do it.” Flutter whispered in Dread’s ear and her bearhug loosened slightly. “She brought me back.” Flutter tossed the lanky girl to the ground at Ballisea’s feet. Dread picked herself up part of the way and stared up at Ballisea’s dark eyes.


“Yes,” she looked up at the tall woman with a mixture of hope and resignment. “I want to talk to my Papa.” Ballisea smiled down at the girl, then waved a hand in the air. A black portal opened up next to her and a single white skeleton walked out of the darkness. Ballisea’s hand began to glow with bright red light then she touched the skeleton.


Red energy coursed through the skeleton until it covered it entirely in red, then it began to grow tissue and muscle fiber from the inside out until a tall man with pale skin, light brown hair, and a tattoo of the Earth with the number 37 on his left hand stood in the skeleton’s place. Dread immediately jumped to her feet.


“Papa!” She wrapped her arms around the man and lifted him off the ground with bearhug like Flutter gave her moments before.


“Wh-wha-what’s go-ing on??” The man asked while Dread bounced him up and down.


“Papa! It’s me! Dread!” She placed the man down on his feet, then took a step back for him to get a proper look. His eyes showed recognition, but he still seemed confused. The man stepped forward and ran his hand along Dread’s cheek.


“Dread? My son?”  He grabbed Dread’s face with both of his hands and looked into her purple eyes. “It is you.” His face contorted in anger and he looked right at Ballisea.


“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SON!!???” The tall woman smirked, shrugged, then continued her conversation with Flutter.


“Papa, listen.” Dread tried to get her father to look at her again. His eyes softened when they met hers again. “I did this to myself.” Arik looked down at Dread and ran a hand through her white spiked hair.


“You chose to be like this?” He asked. Dread nodded confidently.


“It’s who I am,” she said. Arik hugged his daughter. 


“I remember the last time I saw you. I’m sorry I yelled. I would have understood eventually, you know your Mama would have explained it to me.” Dread squeezed her father and she let her tears fall on his shoulders.


“I know, Papa.”


“This is such a sweet moment. I hate to interrupt, but I’ve got places to be,” Ballisea said. Arik turned around to stand between her and Dread.


“I won’t let you hurt my son!” He yelled.


“Your daughter.” Ballisea corrected him, then smiled. “I think you forgot that I already killed you once, but don’t worry. I wouldn’t dream of hurting such a strong young woman, she has a very promising future. However, I do have to leave, and that means YOU have to leave.” Ballisea pointed at Arik. His body immediately began to glow with red light. His features began to disintegrate into red dust.


“Papa!” Dread tried hugging the disappearing man, but her arms wrapped around a lifeless white skeleton.


“Don’t worry mijita, you’ll see him again. I’ve just got so many things to do today.” She opened a portal large enough for Flutter to step through, then waved a hand at Dirge. The skeleton arms holding her prisoner retracted and let her fall to the floor. Flutter stepped through the portal without a word. Ballisea waved to Dread on her way through.


“Hasta luego, Calavera,” she said with an upbeat singsong voice. Once Ballisea’s portal disappeared Dread checked on Dirge.


“You okay?” She asked the shorter girl. Dirge nodded.


“You?” She asked. Dread smiled.


“Yeah, I’m great. Let’s get back to Jelly-Jim.” They turned out of the alley, but each girl’s attention was drawn by something different.


“Look!” they both said. Dread noticed a golden glint on the floor. She ran over to it and discovered it was one of Flutter’s golden scales. “Awesome…” she said. She tried bending it, but it would not give in any direction. Dirge ran to a flyer posted on the wall. She yanked it off to show Dread.


“Hey Derby tryout. Uniques only,” Dirge said. Dread glanced at the flyer, while she played with the scale in the palm of her hand.


“Sounds good, when and where?” she asked.


“Couple of weeks. Onnnn..” she scanned the flyer looking for a location. She tried, and failed, to hold back a rush of giggles. The air escaped her mouth in odd sounding spurts. “Earth…. ONE!” she erupted into laughter completely. Dread joined in with her own laughter too.


“I wonder how many they counted before they gave up?” Dread asked as they walked through town.


“One. Probably,” Dirge said.

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