Bag of Fish

[CW] Flash Fiction Challenge! Location: A Zoo | Object: Backpack

“Here you go.” Melody handed Dread a small black leather backpack decorated with a red scissor logo.

“Huh?” the white-haired girl asked. She lifted the bag up to inspect it, but she only held it for a second before Melody yanked it from her hands and gave the bag to Jenny instead.

“Here you go.” Melody looked at Dread again. “Just pick out the animal you want, Jenny’ll do the rest.” Then she looked at Jenny again. “You know how, right?” The girl nodded and smiled at the woman with a thumbs up gesture.

“No problem.”

“Gear is the last part of orientation.” Melody addressed Dread again. “After you pick a pet head to the locker room for the rest of your equipment. You’re just an exhibition team,” Melody cast a side glance at Jenny when she reminded them. “However, Ms. Sharp still wants you girls to have the best equipment available. I’ll see you at practice next Saturday. Welcome to the team,” Melody smiled at both girls. Then she gave them a polite nod and walked out of the Zoo’s lobby.

“Shark, right? Uh,” Jenny glanced up at the large map displayed at the entrance. “Aquatic this way.” Jenny took the lead and Dread followed. They reached a narrow hall flanked on both sides by large glass walls. At the entrance to the hall the girls stopped at a small podium that showed a lit display. Immediately Jenny began poking and swiping at it until she found what she was looking for.

“Okay, they’ve got three Unique sharks.”

“What souls?” Dread asked.

“Uh,” Jenny scanned down the list. “La Rosa, La Rana, and whoa. A human one, El Valiente! That’s the one you want, right? Gotta be.” She smiled at the taller girl. Dread shook her head.


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