Drone’s Best Friend

[WP] While searching a newly discovered cave system, archeologists found some very surprising things. The most surprising, parking lots and cars that were seemingly thousands of years old. from WritingPrompts

“Clear!” Porter yelled. Several deep, raspy coughs followed his notice. Black-brown dust, illuminated by the work-lights, was still settling around them.

“Are you sure?” Luis asked through a red paisley handkerchief. He used his other hand to wipe the dust off his goggles.

“Yeah man, it’s cool. Let’s get moving,” Porter replied. Luis shrugged and aimed his flashlight at the ground before him. He managed a path to the blast site and found the rest of the team already there. Porter and the other two aimed their flashlights upward through the new opening.

“C’mon, Luis. Get that thing in the air,” Alvin, the military escort in command, hurried the short, round man.

“I need space guys,” Luis said. “And light.” The team moved back and shined their lights at the ground. Luis swung his backpack over his shoulder and dropped it to the floor. It managed to kick up another large cloud of dust. After a round of coughing Luis managed to open the zipper and press a button inside. White light glowed out of the vertical opening and Luis yanked the sides apart. A white, sleek drone rose out of the bag and hovered in the center.

“Scout it out,” Luis said. The drone spun in the air and flew into the tunnel. It floated upward along with the rising ground. Luis reached into the backpack again and flipped a switch. A display inside his goggles, and the rest of the team’s, came to life to show the drone’s camera feed. In seconds they all saw several rows of cars, each covered with dust so thick it was hard to see their color anymore.

“Told ya this wasn’t the top level,” Jenna, the other military escort, laughed.

“Yeah yeah, I’ll pay up when we get back,” Porter replied.

“Drone says it’s clear, same as the lower levels,” Luis reported. While the rest of the team received the drone’s feed, his view came with extra information from its sensors. He saw no hint of life or any organic matter.

“Let’s head up,” Alvin gave the order. “Find the next ramp up,” he added to Luis.

“Already got it, there’s no blockage. We can go straight up, do I send the drone?” Luis asked.

“Go ahead,” Alvin agreed. Luis dug through his backpack while they walked up to the newly opened level. He pulled out a microphone, pressed a button on its side, and spoke into it.

“Scout it out,” he ordered the drone. The camera flew up the ramp while the crew made their way through the cars.

“Sure glad we’re not the ones cataloging these babies,” Porter commented. “The less time I spend with them the better,”

“They’re just cars, Porter. Not ghosts,” Jenna laughed.

“They might as well be, you seen the info on these?” Porter replied.

“Shut it, Porter,” Alvin commanded. Luis gave a soft chuckle. The team still had half-way to go through the level, but Luis wanted to let them know they could speak openly. He was waiting for the drone to send back more than darkness and wanted to hear their theories.

“If it’s because of me, don’t sweat it. I’ve already seen all the reports.” He did not mention it was because he hacked into the commander’s laptop, but he hoped they wouldn’t ask.

“Newspapers and stuff found in the cars date them at 2022,” Luis explained. “And we’ve never seen some of these models or the tech inside.

“So they’re from the future?” Jenna asked.

“Nope, that’s the weird part,” Porter jumped in, eager to rationalize his fear. “Carbon dating puts them at over 2000 years old.” Luis heard a thud in his ear. He ignored the dark feed for several seconds while they talked, but now it demanded his attention. The drone illuminated a large, black metal door.

“Looks like we found the top,” Luis said.

“Can your rig open it or does Porter get to make another explosion?” Luis glanced at the rows of text filling his sight, extra sensor data from the drone.

“It can, but it won’t be gentle.”  The team reached the ramp up to the final level.

“Neither is Porter. Do it,” Alvin replied. “Let’s wait here,” Luis spoke into his microphone again.

“Open it up.”

“Commander, are you sure?” Jenna asked.

“Why the hell not, I’m just as curious as the rest of you. If we report back now red tape’ll keep that door shut for years.” He replied. Luis display flashed bright white, then dimmed down to a softer light. The drone used a blinding white laser to cut out the door, but the displays automatically filtered the light. A loud metal bang rang out across the garage and down to the team on the lower level. Luis waited eagerly for the white vision to even out. After about a dozen seconds their displays cleared up, but everything still seemed bright. Light poured in through the new opening.

“Scout it out,” Luis ordered the drone. Alvin did not tell him to, but the commander did not stop him either. The drone floated forward across the threshold.

“Oh my god…” Jenna was the first to react.

“Whoaaa..” Luis. The drone showed lush green rolling hills, with tall grass waving in the breeze. A bright yellow sun shone down on a gleaming, white city in the distance, unlike anything they’d ever seen. White spires twisted into the sky, and hundreds of specs swarmed between the spires.

“Where the hell is that?” Alvin asked.

“Unidentified universal traveler detected,” a robotic voice came through the drone. The drone turned to face the voices and the team saw two car-sized black and white drones hovering around it. “A universal immigration agent has been dispatched to this location,” one of the black and white drones said. “Are you in need of any other assistance?”

“What do I say?” Luis asked Alvin.

“Say no!” Luis spoke into the microphone.

“No. No thank you.”

“You have nothing to fear, little one. There are no humans here.”

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