Lupe sat atop a green pleather examination table in a cramped waiting room. Flutter, an eight-foot-tall pale woman with bright red hair that matched Lupe’s, sat in a wooden seat across from her. A sudden knock at the door called their attention, but a nurse walked in before either of them could answer. The blonde nurse carried in a clipboard and paused when she stepped in the room. She looked at Flutter, then at Lupe. After a moment she looked back at Flutter through squinted eyes.

“I give up,’ she tossed her arms up with mock exasperation and smiled. “Who am I here to see?” she asked. Flutter pointed at Lupe and the nurse nodded. She walked to the girl and introduced herself.

“I’m Fernie,” the nurse offered Lupe a hand and Lupe shook it with a smile.

“I’m Lupe.” Fernie nodded and smiled. She clicked her pen and started reading from the clipboard.

“How long have you been a lycanthrope?” Fernie asked.

“As far back as I can remember,” Lupe replied. Fernie looked surprised.

“Really? I guess you won’t be able to recall who bit you, right?” Fernie asked. She drew an ‘X’ by the next question, then drew several more ‘X’s on the next few questions. “Those are all about your symptoms when you turned, but if you don’t remember…” Fernie paused then she looked at Lupe with wide eyes.

“Wait, were you born a werewolf?” she asked. Lupe nodded. Fernie sighed. “Oh, that doesn’t happen here. You’re not from this Earth are you?” Fernie turned and gave Flutter a long look up and down. Then, she turned her attention back to Lupe.

“No,” Lupe said.

“I need a different set of forms.” Fernie headed to the door. “Be right back,” she smiled and walked out.

“Does she know what you are?” Lupe asked Flutter. The woman shook her head.

“She can see I’m Fae, but she can’t tell what,” she smiled at Lupe. In less than a minute Fernie entered the room carrying a different clipboard and a small black case. She set the case down and clicked her pen again.

“Okay, let’s restart the interview. Are werewolves common on your Earth?” Lupe shook her head.

“I think I’m the only one.” Fernie nodded.

“Are you a Unique?” Lupe glanced at Flutter, but the tall woman’s only response was an encouraging head nod.

“#47, La Corona.”

“Perfect! This’ll be easy,” Fernie said. She opened the black case and pulled out a white, lemon-sized stress ball. “Have you ever knowingly, or un-knowingly turned anyone?”

“No, I’ve never bitten anyone.” Fernie handed the ball to Lupe.

“Bite this, please.” Lupe put the squishy ball in her mouth and bit as hard as she could. “That’s enough,” Fernie said. Lupe released her jaw and looked at the ball that Fernie held. Instead of the white stress ball she expected, red fur covered the surface of the ball. The nurse shook the ball until all the red strands fell out and it became smooth and white again.

“Well, you’re definitely infectious,” Fernie began to explain. Lupe’s heart pumped faster. Her fists tensed up into balls, she worried about what Fernie might say next. She looked at Flutter, but the woman seemed perfectly relaxed. “But that’s easy enough to manage with a prescription,” she scribbled something on the form. “How do you change?” Fernie asked. Lupe shrugged.

“I dunno, I just do it,” she replied.

“Oh, you can change any time?” Fernie wrote something on the form. “How does the moon affect you?”

“It doesn’t,” Lupe said. Fernie reached into the black case and pulled out another white ball. This one glowed with soft blue light when she squeezed it.

“Focus on the light,” Fernie moved the ball slowly in different directions to watch Lupe’s reaction. After several movements, Fernie turned the ball of light off with a squeeze, then put it away.

“You’re right about moonlight. No effect. What’s your experience with silver?” Fernie asked. She reached into her case again.

“Never noticed anything,” Lupe said. Fernie pulled out a large silver coin and showed it to Lupe.

“Hold your hand out,” Fernie said. Lupe extended her hand and held it palm facing up. “I’m going to drop a silver coin in your hand. If it hurts, drop it.” Lupe nodded. “Three,” Fernie began a countdown.

“Two. One.” She dropped the coin. Lupe yelped the moment it touched her skin. She felt intense burning pain eating at the palm of her hand. Lupe jerked her hand away to let the coin fall to the ground, and she massaged her wounded hand. “Major silver allergy,” Fernie commented to herself as she wrote on the form.

“Okay that covers all the important stuff,” Fernie said. “You’ll be registered in our multi-verse system if that’s okay?” She asked Lupe. “It helps us keep track of the werewolves that travel through universes.” The girl nodded.

“Yes, please. I was going to ask about that,” Lupe smiled with excitement.

“Really?” Fernie’s eyes grew. “Wow, you’re the first, ‘yes’ I’ve ever gotten,” Fernie shrugged then gave Lupe a sly smile. “We have to add you either way, but we’re also required to inform you. And you want to be added? Why’s that?” Fernie asked.

“I can’t enroll in school unless I’m registered,” Lupe smiled.

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