Experimental Year

Melody Klink decided to start the new year off right. She celebrated the year’s end with a bottle of wine at her girlfriend’s house. At ten past midnight on the morning of January 1st Melody gathered her courage. She explained her mysterious chills to her girlfriend, Dana Sharp. Dana’s smile grew as Melody revealed that she felt chills run down her spine every day at 2:43. Melody wondered if Dana would confess her part in it, and was pleasantly surprised when she did.

“I was about to give up, I didn’t think I was accomplishing anything,” Dana smiled and hugged Melody.

With Dana’s theory proven, she worked even harder for the rest of Winter, but she managed to slow down in Spring. In mid-March Dana’s research hit a plateau. As a result of the slowdown, Dana began spending more time with Melody. During a romantic thunderstorm in April, Dana proposed to Melody.

“Yes! Of course!”

Thanks to Dana’s resources Melody lived out her dream wedding in June. Then, she followed it up with a honeymoon through different versions of Las Vegas. Dana immersed herself in her work again, as if fueled by their “official” relationship. Dana focused on her research while Melody dealt with the business side of things. One night in August Dana woke Melody in the middle of the night screaming with happiness.

“I can do it!!!” She jumped on the bed and shook Melody awake by the shoulders. “It can work!” She screamed at the sleepy woman. “By the end of this year you’ll be a Unique,” Dana kissed Melody on the forehead.

They saw less of each other going into the Fall. Running the company kept Melody busy while Dana continued her research. They kept in contact through playful texts whenever one of them found a spare moment. Christmas Eve was the first time they managed to find time together since the honeymoon. Dana gifted Melody a small black envelope. Melody eagerly opened the envelope and found a short list of Uniques inside.

“Pick one,” Dana said. “Any one you want to be.”

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