[Theme Thursday] – Perseverance

“You were the only one,” Dana Sharp whispered to her assistant, her wife. Melody lay on an examination table in one of Dana’s secret labs. Metal restraints kept her in place, though she would not try to escape. She wanted this more than anything. “Everyone else thought it was impossible.” Dana kissed Melody’s forehead. “But, you believed I could do it. I was afraid that getting married would distract me…”

Dana walked to a command console and pressed a green button. A monitor above Melody came to life. “…that I couldn’t do what I needed to.” Melody saw herself on the screen. The view only showed her about a dozen, but she knew there were more. Hundreds, if not thousands of her alternate universe doppelgangers.

“But, it only made me love you more and I realized how invaluable YOU are to me. You kept the company running while I buried myself in research and now it’s time for your reward.” Dana pressed the green button again and the screen went off. “You don’t want to see that. Over a million, by the way. I know you’re wondering.” Dana winked at Melody. A warm blush filled Melody’s cheeks. She smiled to herself content with the knowledge her duplicates would understand. She was doing it for Ms. Sharp.

“We’ve come a long way from meeting Mr. Spinne,” Dana said. She walked to the examination table and grabbed Melody’s hand.

“300 years,” Melody said. “So far,” she added and squeezed Ms. Sharp’s hand.

“A drop in the bucket. Once you’re La Estrella, we’ll have much more time together. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Ms. Sharp.” Dana pulled a small, glassy rectangle from the pocket of her lab coat. She inserted it into a slot in the exam table above Melody’s head. An electric hum filled the room. Dana walked to the control panel and pressed a red button.

On the table, Melody began to emit a wispy, violet aura. The node docked above her head glowed with the same purple light.

“This will probably hurt,” Dana warned Melody, then pressed a gold button. The node’s purple glow grew brighter and changed to a sparkling gold light. The transparent tubing along Melody’s restraints filled with golden light. The node dimmed as the light flowed from it into Melody.  She balled her fists and clamped her jaw shut to keep from making a sound. She felt something sear her soul and a golden plume of light flashed in her aura. A grunt of discomfort escaped her mouth even though she tried to stay quiet. She thought she could take a moment to catch her breath, but then she screamed. The moment Melody lowered her guard it happened too fast to contain. The first flash ignited her soul. Golden sparkles floated around her and consumed her purple aura.

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