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Final Entry: Day 1000.

I have given up the idea of returning home, my life is much better here. There, I was an apprentice on a mana-starved Earth. Here, mana flows like water. I have been able to use the methods required for mana conservation on my Earth to great affect here.

While researching mana storage I discovered that it can be compressed. I’ve developed a working prototype that, so far, doubles the strength of my spells, but also uses less mana. This, more than anything, informed my decision to stay. After spending so much time in a mana-rich environment, I cannot possibly return to the dry, dying world I came from. Using this technology I can easily set myself up as a wizard king.

I’ve met several trustworthy friends from this world and I have no fear of loneliness. Each of them is a powerful sorcerer in their own right; but using, compressed mana they become powerful enforcers. They will ensure I keep the crown once it is mine.

Jaelis, Senior Apprentice to Harlian the Sage, is no more. My name from now on is Jaelis the Wizard King.

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