Bon Voyage

“I DID IT!” Emma cheered for herself. She clapped happily bounced in place and pointed at the black hole hovering above the campfire. “I can go home now! Thank you, Mundo!” The short woman rushed to hug the even shorter man. The tattooed biker smiled but shook his head.

“I’d practice a little more,” Mundo said. He drew Emma’s attention to a snowflake that emerged from the hole in the sky. “If you try to go up, you’ll fall right back out. The portal should be vertical, and you know, at ground level.”  Emma signed and wiggled her hands at the black hole. It disappeared.

“Yeah you’d better practice more,” another male voice said. “I’m not going to ride with you if you can’t drive.” Emma’s eyes widened when she heard the voice. She turned and saw Thomas Moon walking into the light of the campfire. He set his grey backpack down and smiled at Emma and Mundo.

“YOU CAME!” Emma dashed to him, leaping over the campfire, and greeted him with a constricting hug. Thomas gently pushed her off him but nodded with a shrug.

“I thought about it. I don’t care about getting home. It’s already been so long, there’d be no point. But, I’ve already seen everything in this world. Might as well explore some new ones, right?”

“Right!” Emma smiled. “Let’s go before you change your mind.” She wiggled her fingers at the air in front of her to open a black portal tall enough for them to walk through.

“Good luck!” Mundo waved at them from the other side of the fire.

“You should come too.” Emma invited him, but he shook his head.

“No, I can’t. I can’t leave this Earth, but if you need help find another Mundo. Most Earths have one.”

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