Area of Conversation

“AREA-51?? Bullshit, you don’t know anyone there,” Aurelio said while pulling into the parking lot.

“Clearly I do, or you wouldn’t have gotten the offer,” Maizy chirped pleasantly from the passenger seat.

“Don’t bet on it, I am from an alternate universe after all. Everyone’s curious I’m sure,” he replied.

“Funny you should say that,” Maizy said. Gravel crunched under her sneakers when she exited, then she looked over the top of the car at Aurelio. “Herbert, your new boss, didn’t seem interested until I mentioned you were a Unique. I get the feeling he knows other Uniques, you know? Joking aside, he might be able to hook you up with a ride home.”

“Knowing that changes everything,” Aurelio shrugged. “Let me get that for you.” Maizy paused at the door and punched him in the shoulder.

“Nice try but I’m still annoyed you didn’t believe me,” she said then walked through the door.

“One could argue that it wasn’t you I didn’t believe in, but the existence of aliens or Area-51 at all.”

“Personally I’d argue that you didn’t believe me,” she stuck her tongue out at him. “Quality friend you’re turning out to be.”

“Regrets will pop up later, I’m sure,” he sat down in a booth across from her and visibly rolled his eyes. “Seriously though,” he smiled and looked into her eyes. “Thank you for setting me up with a job, no matter where it is.”

“Under your nose,” Maizy smiled. “Very, very close.”


“‘X’ marks the spot,” she pointed at a white ‘X’ painted on a semi-hidden door.

“You can’t be serious?”

“Zero percent kidding,” she smiled.

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