Sharp Takeover

“Thanks for the company, Dana! See you tomorrow night,” The pale, blonde woman waved at Dana Sharp then faded away. Her ghostly form gave way to rays of golden sunlight. Despite not sleeping a wink, Ms. Sharp got ready for work as she would any other day. Without complaint. 30 minutes later she sat in her office with her secretary, Melody, sitting in front of her desk.

“Alternate universes are real,” Ms. Sharp said. Melody nodded; she did not know how else to react. “I met a Dreamer last night. She appeared and we fell into a conversation. I learned a lot from her.”

“She’s from an alternate universe?” Melody asked. Dana nodded.

“I suspect she’s another version of me, but I don’t know if she has the same suspicions,” she shrugged. “It’s not worth mentioning. The important thing is she’s able to project herself here using technology common on her Earth,” Ms. Sharp smiled. “Technology that she’s going to teach me to build.”

“That’s great!” Melody smiled. “Did you learn anything I can get started on you for today?” Ms. Sharp nodded.

“I don’t know if it’s related yet, but she mentioned something called a Unique Soul. Run Mr. Spinne’s soul through another round of tests and compare it against the normal souls we have. She used the word “frequency” often; focus on its vibrations. Chart everything.” Melody nodded

“Yes, Ms. Sharp.” Melody nodded, stood, then left the office. Ms. Sharp kept busy for the rest of the day and evening. She made it home at 9 p.m. and found the familiar stranger, Samantha, sitting on her couch.

“Hope you don’t mind I’m early,” Samantha said. “I hit the hay early tonight.” Dana shook her head and sat next to the woman on the couch.

“Is this tech really available for everyone in your universe?” Dana asked. She picked up the conversation that they did not finish the night before. Samantha smiled.

“Yep! It started out as a VR game called the AlterNet,” she shrugged. “But I guess they’re trying new things.”

“So you don’t know how they got the tech?” The blonde shook her head.

“No idea. Sorry. But, I was able to save the few technical manuals I could find on it.” Samantha stood from the couch and stuck her hand out at Dana. A playing-card-sized transparent rectangle of glass appeared on her hand. “Here.” Dana accepted the clear object and looked it over.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a node. I guess the equivalent would be… do you have cell phones yet?” Dana nodded.

“How did you bring me this from your universe?”


“Nanos? Like nano-technology?”

“Yeah, kind of I guess? I don’t know the details but here it is as I understand it. My consciousness is controlling a swarm of nanos on your Earth.” The woman twirled around, her blonde hair fluttered through the air. “They give me a solid shape. I uploaded all the data into the headset, so it got transmitted to this Earth along with my consciousness. Then I gave you a swarm of nanos that are in the shape of a node, and they have all the information already. Make sense?”

“Not especially,” Ms. Sharp said. She held up the node. “But, here it is I guess. Thank you.” Samantha nodded. Ms. Sharp swiped at the node and the display glowed to life to show her the time. “Very nice.” She put the node down then looked at Samantha.

“I’d like to meet whoever’s in charge of the company that’s selling this tech. Can you arrange a meeting?” Dana asked.

“I have nothing to do with their company, I’m just a consumer. I can tell them about you, but that’s about it,” Samantha shrugged.

“That’s good enough. Tell them Dana Sharp, from another universe, wants to buy their company.”

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