Letter of Exposition

“Ask me anything,” Mundo said.

“Be it big or small, I know it all.”

Charity thought and tapped her head.

“Do you know why,” she began her question.

“Everyone I’ve been meeting is English speaking?

“Funny you should ask,” Mundo grinned.

“Great question.

Here’s the deal.”

“In every Earth you visit communication is key.”

Jumping between Earths would be more trouble than it’s worth

kumquats on one Earth are pears in another, see?”

“Language is meant for conveying information,”

Mundo said. “Speaking is mainly how it spreads.”

“Noise is all it is. I’m making sounds that answer your question.”

“Our voices vibrate the air, but us Uniques are special.

Passing between a universe or two is our purpose.

Quality communication is essential.”

“Reverb, some Uniques call it.

Someone says something, you hear all versions of that thing.

Then your brain picks out the one the speaker intended.

“Uh, huh?” Charity began to regret her question.

“Violent violets value violet violence,” Mundo said.

“What letter did you hear at the start of every word?”

“X, why?” Mundo narrowed his eyes at her.

“You’re kidding, right?” Charity’s eyes sparkled bright.

“Z. It was definitely Z,” she winked. “I’m sure.”

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