Devilish Tour

“I can’t stand your father,” Julie said. Arthur narrowed his eyes and tilted his head. He sat in a giant purple bean bag across from his best friend; she sat on the bed.

“What does that have to do with,” Arthur skipped the name and pointed to the room on the other side of the wall. “HIS father being the devil!?” He hissed in a whisper.

“You’re my best friend, right?” Julie asked. Arthur nodded. “You…,” she pointed at him. “…are my best friend. Not your dad.”

“That’d be a good point except for the fact that his dad is the devil! He has wings for goodness sake!” Arthur gestured at the roommate through the wall to clarify which demon he was talking about.

“You didn’t know he had wings until he showed them to you.” Julie lowered her voice and bobbed her head from side to side to mock him. “If you’re really the son of the devil show me you’re a demon,” she imitated him from minutes earlier. “I’m dumb and I don’t trust my best friend.” Despite himself, Arthur chuckled at the last bit. He admitted to himself that she had a point.

“He cleans up after himself, pays rent on time, and pitches in for groceries,” Julie shrugged. “If he’s doing any demon stuff it’s not here. I’m good with that.” A light knock on Julie’s open bedroom door drew their attention.

“Hey, Eric. What’s up?” Julie asked the lean, dark-haired young man.

“Hey, uh. Do you guys wanna go to hell?” he asked.

“What?” Arthur asked. He stood from the beanbag so he wouldn’t get caught unprepared. Eric was blocking the door but they were on the first story. He figured he could use Julie’s computer monitor to break the window if they needed to escape. Eric sighed and rolled his eyes.

“My dad’s been talking about handing business over to me; he wants me to go see how things work. You guys want a tour?” He half shrugged. “If you’re there it’ll give me an excuse to skip out faster.”

“I don’t thi-” Arthur began to decline but Julie interrupted him.


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