Hellish Service

“This is a special case,” Satan said. He nodded through the tinted glass window at the room on the other side. Two very different people sat on a red couch in warm, welcoming living room. Sunlight poured into the room through the windows. A short, waif-like girl with dark hair cuddled next to an older woman with salt and pepper hair. They watched a cartoon that Arthur did not recognize. This was the last stop on the tour before Satan turned him, and his best friend Julie, into Unique Souls. He assumed everything he didn’t recognize was from an alternate universe.

“A few lives before they hit the Celestial tier…,” Satan began to explain to his son Eric and his friends. “They started asking about each other. It’s kind of weird, but you get used to weird in this job,” Satan chuckled. “They asked if there was an upper-limit on points,” Satan looked at his son. “There is, but we’re not supposed to tell them that.” He brought a red finger to his lips and winked at the three friends. “So they kept going back down then asking for each other after they died. They used so many lifetimes they earned enough points to get all the perks. We couldn’t send them down anymore so the only option was to bring them together to find out what they wanted.” Satan shrugged.

“They want to be born as Unique twins. Both of them want, and have enough points, to become Sols. We have no idea how to do that.”

“Wow… so they’re just waiting until you figure it out?” Julie asked.

“Yes,” Satan nodded. “But, they don’t know they’re waiting.” He nodded through the glass. The inviting living room became a white padded cell. Instead of the girl and woman, two teenage boys were now seated, unconscious, against opposite walls. Julie watched one of them stir. He lifted his head as he came-to and looked around the padded room. Fear washed across his face until she noticed the other boy. The first boy scrambled to his knees then scurried across the floor toward the other kid. As he reached the other wall a door opened in the padding and a nurse dressed in red walked into the room.

“The nurse is going to tell them they were in an accident and after some more tests, they’re free to go home. We can’t send them to Earth anymore but we can keep them distracted here until we know how to give them what they want.”

“Wow,” Arthur said. “I never thought Hell would go out of its way to help someone.” Satan smiled at Arthur.

“This is your first time here, right?”

“As far as I know.” Arthur shrugged and nodded.

“It’s a bad habit to judge things based on other people’s opinions,” Satan said with a smirk. “Who’s to say they know any better than you?”

“Why can’t they both be born? I more or less get what a Unique Soul is, but I don’t see how being twins makes a difference?”

“Twin Uniques isn’t a big deal, we’ve done that before. The problem is both of them want to be Sols. We can only do twins if they’re different Uniques.” Satan shook his head, “Aside from that rules say one Sol per universe.”

“Rules? What rules? Whose rules?” Arthur asked. Satan laughed and shook his head. Then, he turned to lead them out of the room.

“All games have rules,” he said.

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