“Was that Esther?” Carlos asked the therapist. When Dr. Mundo opened the door a young dark-haired woman walked out and headed straight to the restroom. The doctor nodded with a smile.

“Yes. She’s had a great breakthrough today. You’ll see, she just went to go freshen up a bit. Have a seat,” Dr. Mundo gestured at the brown leather loveseat.

“What kind of breakthrough?” Carlos asked. The doctor shook his head.

“That’s for her to tell you, Ah, there she is.” Carlos turned to the door and watched his wife come in. She looked like she’d been crying but she gave him a weak smile. She sat next to her husband and looked into his eyes. She reached down for his hands and let loose a heavy sigh when she felt his warmth.

“I love you very much, no matter what I say that hasn’t changed. Okay?” she asked. Carlos nodded. “I have super powers,” she said. Carlos began chuckling, but his laughter died when he realized he was the only one.

“What do you mean? What kind of powers?” Esther glanced at Dr. Mundo; the grey-bearded doctor nodded.

“I’ll show you but don’t freak out, okay? I have complete control; nothing is going to hurt you.” Carlos nodded, but Esther shook her head. “I need to hear it. Promise me you’ll try not to freak out.”

“I promise. I love you,” Carlos said. Esther lifted her hand and showed Carlos her empty palm. Then she turned her hand over to show him the back.

“You’re going to hear some terms you don’t know, it’s okay. If you don’t figure it out you can ask questions later, okay? Let me get everything out at once.”

“Okay. I promise,” Carlos repeated.

“I am something known as a Unique Soul. We’re designed to travel between universes and harness the multi-verse in our own ways.” Esther paused, but Carlos remained silent by chewing on his bottom lip; he nodded at her to continue.

“There are 54 different Uniques and each one uses their powers in specific ways. #35 La Estrella can channel plasma from a star in another universe through their body. #21 La Mano can pull things from other universes as long as their hands, and the item itself is hidden in darkness.” Esther paused again to breathe. She noticed Carlos continuing to listen intently; somehow he knew she wasn’t one of those. “And then there’s me,” Esther said. She cast her eyes down at the back of her hand and Carlos followed suit. She slowly turned her hand over to reveal a tennis ball-sized black-widow spider resting on her palm. Carlos hopped back in the seat, but he realized that had to be her power. Neither she nor the doctor were surprised to see that giant spider on her hand.

“I’m #33 La Araña. I can summon spiders from other universes in my body and control them.” While she spoke Carlos watched dozens of different spiders in dozens of different sizes crawl out of her pores on both her arms. They skittered over her body then disappeared into her skin again. Carlos watched them crawl over her body with interest. He had a minor case of arachnophobia but thanks to her reassurances before her reveal he felt somewhat calm.   He was trying to make peace with the phrase “other universes” but then inspiration struck.

“Other universes? What kind of other universes?” He asked. Esther shrugged but gave him a smile. She was happy he seemed to be accepting of her secret.

“Never thought about it. There are all kinds out there.”

“Then why do your spiders look so boring?” Carlos asked in a playful tone of voice. “Where are the interesting spiders from magical universes?” Esther’s eyes sparkled and she darted forward to give Carlos a peck on the lips.

“I never thought about it! I’m gonna try!” she said then immediately closed her eyes. After a moment she shivered in her seat and lifted her hand again with the palm facing upward. A single, blue, crystalline leg reached out through the center of her palm followed by another; then, another. In seconds a spindly, crystal, blue-white spider rested in the palm of her hand. Esther opened her eyes and marveled at it. “I wonder what else is out there,” she said as it crawled back into her skin.

“This is going to be awesome,” Carlos said with a smile.

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