Sharp Solution

Dana Sharp personal log:

The meeting with Satan went smoother than expected. To sum up: I was surprised. Hell asked me for a favor. The Devil was intentionally vague, but he did use the phrase ‘rules’ several times.  Considering the favor he asked, I don’t think he was talking about the usual soul-selling rules.

He asked me to sneak two unborn Unique Souls into the AlterNet as twin Sols. He can’t do it because it’s against the rules. But it seems to be okay if I break the rules. The good news is he’s not in a hurry. I’ll have plenty of time to play with clean, brand-new Unique Souls straight from the source. They haven’t been contaminated by mortal flesh yet.

I am going to continue forward. I’ve got my eye on another one of my Zeros, thanks to Melody. The steps are lining up before me, bringing me closer to my goal. Solving the universe just got easier.

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