Fizzle Out

“My turn, huh?” Fillip asked with a smile. His doppelganger, Fillbert,  took a seat in front of him and nodded. He already interviewed the others and Fillip was the last before they could get started. “Okay,” Fillip nodded. “Ask away.”

“Parents?” Fillbert asked. It was the fifth time he’d asked one of them about their parents today. Each time he asked it grew shorter until it was just one word. Fillip nodded. He heard the full question the first time and heard everyone else’s answers. He knew what information Fillbert was looking for.

“Both, Mark and Eileen. They stayed together until death, mom went first. Dad two months later, four years ago.” Fillbert nodded.

“Same,” Fillbert pointed at a brown-haired woman with glasses. She was seated at a nearby table playing a handheld videogame. “All of us except Fillis; she was orphaned in elementary. Speaking of, how about education?” Fillbert asked.

“Trade school, electrician,” Fillip smiled. “No career though. Won the lottery soon as I graduated.” Fillbert chuckled and nodded. All five of the other Fills knew about Fillips’ wealth.

“Yeah, the rest of us weren’t that lucky,” he pointed at the oldest version of them. An older man with touches of grey on his brown sideburns sat across from Fillis reading a book. “Filliam’s a master electrician.” Then he turned and pointed at another pair of them at a different table. “Fillroy and Filler are both Journeymen.”

“Can I ask a question?” Fillip asked. Fillbert nodded.

“Of course! You’re a big part of the team,” he replied.

“Why are you asking us individually? It seems like this is all stuff that would come out naturally just by hanging out together.” Fillbert nodded.

“It would. But because of what we’re trying, I want to cut out mental chatter as much as possible. You know, I don’t need all five of you going, ‘oh yeah me too!’ when learning details about each other,” Fillbert shrugged. “So I made a list to get them out of the way. Anyway, how’s your love life?”

“Crushes. No one special.”

“Oh good, that’s easy. I think that gets most of the big stuff out of the way. Can you think of anything important to add?”

“I’m gay,” he said.

“Hah! Oh man, I didn’t even think about that, thanks for bringing it up.” Fillbert stood from the booth. “Fillip’s gay. Anyone else?” he shouted. Fillis, Filler and a handful of random diners raised their hands. “Thanks, guys,” he said then sat back down. “Awesome, I think the team’s gonna be great.”

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