Waiting to Surrender

Kelly walked into the bedroom and sighed at the sight. A half-naked rotund man, her boyfriend, lay sprawled on their bed asleep. The pajama’d woman walked over to the windows and let some light into the dim room. The morning sun was barely finding its footing in the sky; it still hung lower than their penthouse suite. The light was enough to earn a groan from the man and Kelly turned around in time to watch him roll over.

“Don’t you have a meeting you should be at?” Kelly asked the large man. He replied silently with a dismissive wave and adjusted himself to his new position on his side. “Yeah, go ahead and sleep in…,” Kelly said and approached the bed. “…it’s just the fate of the world at stake; nothing important.” He shrugged.

“Majority rules. They don’t need me to decide.” Kelly walked around the bed and joined him. She smiled at him when he opened his eyes.

“So you’re just gonna sleep the world’s surrender away?” She lay down next to him with their faces inches apart.

“Not the whole day,” he smiled. “I’ve also got a wedding to attend.” Kelly’s green eyes clouded slightly.

“Whose?” she asked.

“Well no ones if you don’t remember,” he said with a mock pout. Kelly’s eyes began to sparkle.

“ME?? You made an offhand comment eight months ago about getting married; surrender or not. Then you never mentioned it again!” She slapped his cheek playfully.

“Yeah,” he smiled at her. “We just met, and the world was a crazy place back then. I didn’t know what might happen between then and today.  So, how bout it? Wanna make today really memorable?”

“Yes!” Kelly screeched and immediately began kissing him. After several passionate seconds, she pulled away. “IF you get out of bed right now so we can have a nice wedding day breakfast.” The man rolled his eyes but nodded. He immediately rolled over and stood up from the other side of the bed. Kelly’s phone chimed as she watched him walking into the restroom.

Minutes later he walked out to find Kelly crying on the bed. She held her phone but the screen was off.

“Babe? What’s wrong?” She looked up at him.

“They decided to surrender…,” she sniffled. “They put the call out to Ozone to give him their official terms.”

“Told you they didn’t need me to decide,” he shrugged. “Doesn’t change anything though,” he walked to the bed and sat on the edge next to her. “We’re still going to be married.”

“I know…,” she sighed. “But I thought it was going to be today.

“Why can’t it be?” he asked. He adjusted his position on the bed with his back to her and started getting a pair of black socks on. He wanted to show her he was still getting ready to get married.

“Because now you have to work,” she whined. Kelly reached out touched the tattoo on his back. A large green skull with the number 42 in its mouth. He shook his head while he enjoyed her touch.

“What are they going to do if I don’t show up until tomorrow? Not surrender to me?”

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