Deer Friend

Sharon panicked when the girl’s eyes met hers. She had been caught staring and now the teenager was headed right to her. Sharon was headed out of the mall when half a small deer distracted her. It was hard to see at first; it was surrounded by a group of teenagers. But she definitely saw light brown fur on something the size of a well-fed Great Dane. It wasn’t until the group moved to the escalators that Sharon realized the truth. The doe’s half was attached to a tan girl with straight, long, dark brown hair.

Their eyes remained locked on each other. When she was close enough, Sharon started to pick out the colors in the stranger’s eyes. They were unlike anything she’d ever seen. Instead of a segmented separation of the iris, the colors all blended together seamlessly. Her black pupil was surrounded by a dark green iris and each color melted into a lighter shade of green next to it. The girl broke eye contact once she reached Sharon and looked past her.

“The elevator moves faster if you press the button,” the girl said. Sharon turned around and realized she’d stopped by the elevators on her way out. She had been, and still was, too distracted by the fact that the girl had four legs. The girl met her eyes again and raised a single eyebrow. “Yes?” she asked. Sharon responded with the first thing she thought of.

“That’s a great costume,” she said as the elevator dinged its arrival. She decided her best course of action was to play dumb and avoid the situation. If the girl thought that Sharon thought it was a costume they could each go their separate ways. The girl’s eyes widened. She grabbed Sharon’s shirt and pulled her into the empty elevator. She held onto Sharon until the door closed; then released her.

“You can see what I am?!” she asked in a whisper. Sharon nodded quickly, her eyes flicked to the girl’s furry hindquarters then back to her odd eyes. The girl sighed and extended a hand. “I’m Jane,” she said.

“Sharon,” Sharon replied and accepted the handshake. “Why can’t anybody else see you?” she asked.

“They’re not supposed to,” Jane said, then shook her head. “You’re not supposed to. Only Uniq-.” Jane interrupted herself and tilted her head. Her eyes roamed up and down Sharon. “What’s your favorite number?” she asked suddenly.

“19, Why?” Jane’s straight face grew into a broad smile.

“Because that’s why you can see me. Awesome!” Jane cheered and pressed a button for the second floor. The elevator began to rise and Sharon shook her head.

“I don’t get how?”

“It’s kind of complicated to go into right now,” she pointed at the floor number; it changed to ‘2’. “The short answer is you’re special.” The elevator slowed to a stop and the door slid open. There was a group of four teenagers waiting by the door; Sharon recognized them as Jane’s friends. Jane stepped out of the elevator. One of the group members, a teenage boy, held up a burlap sack and nodded. Whatever was in it was leaking dark red. Now that Sharon saw all of them up close he noticed they all were odd in some way. The boy that lifted the bag looked like he had light green skin.

“We’re done already, did you get credit?” he asked. Jane nodded then turned to look at Sharon. Behind Jane, the green-skinned boy wiggled his fingers at the air.

“If you want to find out how special you are, and what to do with it, you should come with us.” Jane took a step to the side and gestured at a large black hole that hovered in the air. Only the green-skinned boy was left; Sharon guessed the rest of Jane’s friends walked into the hole. She decided she needed to find out what was going on.

“Okay,” She said with a firm nod.

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