Sharp Serendipity

“Today’s the day,” Lucy sighed as she pulled out of her driveway to get to work. She made the drive to her office in silence. She kept the radio off to be ready in case any new advice came up. It wasn’t a voice exactly; it felt more like an intuitive suggestion. Usually, the thought happened as, “I should probably….” followed by the action that would get her the best outcome. It took her years of deciding not to follow the action to finally learn to trust her intuition.

One week ago she woke with the thought, “I should probably leave this Earth by next week.” A big part of her ability was waiting for more information. She was startled but went about her day normally. The next morning she thought, “I should probably leave this Earth in six days. I should probably start packing.”  That evening after work she started packing, with her intuition chiming in occasionally. “I should probably pack less.  I should probably leave my laptop behind.”  Every morning since then she woke up with a countdown until this morning.  This morning she thought, “I should probably leave this Earth today.”  She wanted to stay home and wait for the end of the world. She had no idea how to leave but she realized, “I should probably go to work.” She also had the idea to bring her suitcase with her.

After passing the security gate Lucy parked in her spot, turned the car off and waited.

I should probably get inside,” she thought. She was reminded of the suitcase after closing the car door. She opened it again and grabbed the small black leather suitcase, then she headed to the tall glass building. As she crossed the parking lot she noticed a large black hole in the side of the building. She stopped in her tracks and stared at the perfect dark circle. She realized it was a reflection and turned toward the sky. The pitch black hole hovered in the sky; it began leaking white things as Lucy watched. She tried focusing on one as it fell out of the hole; it was a skeleton. She watched it shatter on impact, then it magically pulled itself back together. There were dozens of them marching toward Lucy’s office. They were still a good distance away. They were still on the other side of the security fence; but, Lucy doubted it would do much to slow them down. “I should probably start running,” she thought. It was a rare occasion when her intuition lined up with her own thoughts. She dashed toward the building while still trying to keep her eyes on the sky.

After two steps she hit something and felt a sharp pain on the side of her head. The sudden stop sent her backward. She fell on her bottom; her suitcase hit and opened on the ground.

“Are you okay?” A woman asked. Lucy looked up and recognized her boss’ assistant, Melody.  She was offering Lucy a hand to help her up.

“Fine, thanks,” Lucy smiled politely and quickly; she was eager to get inside. Then, she noticed her company’s owner, Ms. Sharp. The pale, dark-haired woman in a white suit was adjusting herself as if she’d just bumped into something. Lucy’s eyes widened.

“Oh no! I’m sorry Ms. Sharp! It was an accident,” she began to apologize. She’d never met the woman, but the rumors were she was very easy to anger. Lucy was surprised when Ms. Sharp smiled and pointed at the sky.

“It’s okay. It’s easy to see why you were in a hurry.  But…,” then she pointed at Lucy’s intimates sprawled all over the parking lot blacktop. “Are you going somewhere?” she asked.  Lucy looked behind her. The skeletons were already starting to push down the fence.

I should probably be honest,” she thought. Lucy took a deep breath, then looked into Ms. Sharp’s eyes. She wanted to be as brief as possible.

“I know things. My intuition told me that I needed to leave the Earth by today,” she pointed behind her with her thumb. “That’s probably why. I also knew I had to bring my suitcase.  I’m not crazy, I promise!” she said frantically. Lucy felt relieved when she noticed the woman give a slight nod.

“Do you know what that is? Do you know what they are?” Ms. Sharp asked. Lucy shook her head. “Okay. Melody,” Ms. Sharp turned to her assistant. “Send me home, I’m taking…,” she looked at Lucy.

“Lucy…” she introduced herself; slightly offended they didn’t know she was one of their most valuable employees.

“I’m taking Lucy. As for them,” she waved a dismissive hand at the skeletons. “Burn everything,” she said.

“Yes, Ms. Sharp.” Melody already had a black portal open next to them. Ms. Sharp walked in and Lucy followed. The last thing she saw was Melody’s hands growing bright blue.

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