Sharp Gift

Mirra focused on the wall in front of her. A single sheet of paper with the number 14 taking up most of the sheet was pinned to the wall.

“YES!” She cheered for herself, grabbed the sheet off the wall and tore it in half. Yesterday morning she scribbled the number on it and pinned it to the wall. Mirra realized that, like the rest of the world, she was developing gifts too; she seemed to be able to manipulate time. She noticed it accidentally while whining to herself about not having powers. She had been watching TV and held her breath; time stopped as long as she wasn’t breathing. After practicing that for a few days she got the hang of it, but she didn’t feel it was that useful.

One morning Mirra wondered what else she could do, and accidentally lived the same day three times. It took her until the third try to realize it was the exact same day but when she did she knew it had to be her ability; no one else seemed to notice. The previous day she set her ‘Start Point’ while staring at the number on the wall; then, she tore it in half and threw it on the floor.

“Let’s test it,” Mirra mumbled to herself. She tore the sheet down then took a deep breath. She punched the drywall with all her strength to leave a small hole. She closed her eyes, focused, then opened them again; the sheet was tacked to the hole-less wall. “YES!” she cheered again, then she giggled to herself when she realized she repeated that part too. “Better get going,” she hurried to the restroom to start her day.

As she walked outside she saw the usual morning traffic. Most of it had moved to the sky relieving a lot of congestion on the road. Not only could humans fly, but a lot of people also had access to magic or advanced technology and they all wanted to glide through the sky. Part of Mirra wished she could too, but she was glad for the almost barren streets now. She took her eyes off the sky and noticed two women standing by her car; a black cat sat on her Mirra’s car next to them. The shorter, black-suited woman, the other wore a white suit, approached Mirra with a smile.

“Hello,” she said. She didn’t give Mirra a chance to reply and instead kept talking. “My name is Melody. We’ve been looking for someone like you,” she said.

“Me?” Mirra shifted her weight and leaned on her back foot; it was her way of taking a step back. “Why me?” she gestured to the sky at the traffic flying by. “Everyone’s getting powers now,” she said.

Shit, I just told them I had powers,” Mirra mentally cursed herself, then shrugged internally. “They already knew, probably.” Melody nodded.

“True, but you’re not like them. You’re a bit more Unique,” she said. The way she stressed the word made Mirra feel uneasy.

Forget it, I’ll just leave faster,” Mirra thought. She closed her eyes and reset. When she opened them she found herself in her pajamas again staring at the sheet tacked to her wall. “No lollygagging this time,” she mumbled to herself.

“That’s a good idea,” a voice said behind her. Mirra whirled around to find both women standing in her room with the same black cat on her bed. Now that they were closer she noticed a red patch of fur on the cat’s head; it looked like a skull. Mirra leaped back and hit the wall behind her.

“What are you doing in my room?! How’d you get here? I reset time!”

“Janet,” the woman in the white suit said. Then, Mirra blinked. She opened her eyes facing the number 14 on her wall again.

“You’re not the only one that can,” the woman said behind Mirra. She turned around again. “I’d like you to come work for me.”  The woman in white said.

“Why me? I don’t even know you,” Mirra shook her head. Something about this woman made Mirra very uneasy, but she couldn’t pinpoint why. “Everyone’s getting powers,… and you already have someone that can do what I can, apparently,” she shrugged having no idea who Janet was. She guessed it might be the cat but she did not want to try and figure out how a cat was manipulating time at the moment. The woman nodded.

“Their abilities aren’t like yours,” she waved a hand casually as if she was dismissing everyone else on the Earth. “Their’s are man-made; parlor tricks compared to what you can do.”

“Huh?” Mirra tilted her head. “That’s a weird thing to say, how do you even come to that conclusion?” she asked. The woman smiled.

“Who do you think gave it to them?”

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