Sharp Price

“Decided yet?” Hannah asked. She looked over Mick’s shoulders at the pamphlet he was reading: An AlterNet Existence. Both of them sat on their towels in the shade of a giant plaid umbrella. Despite the brilliant, sunny day, the beach was mostly empty. Six days ago strange messages appeared on every screen and device. “It’s a shame you’re being canceled next week, we really loved your show.” The world rioted when it was revealed the messages came from a different universe. Then, she appeared.

Dana Sharp appeared on every screen. The pale, lithe woman in a white suit introduced herself as someone that could save the world from cancellation. Two days later she kept her word but offered even more to those that wanted it.

“Live your dream life in the AlterNet,” she promised. Like most of the Earth’s population, Hannah and Mick both decided to chase their dreams in the AlterNet. As soon as Mick decided his class. He looked up from the brochure at Hannah.

“Do you think she did it?” he asked.  Hannah tilted her head and narrowed her eyes at her best friend.

“Do I think who did what?” she asked. Mick dropped the leaflet altogether and turned his body to face Hannah.

“Dana Sharp. Do you think she staged the whole ‘Cancelling the Earth’ thing?” Mick clarified.

“What?” Hannah giggled. She grabbed the colorful flyer from his lap and held it up in front of his face. “She saved us. Not only that, she gave us this!”

“I know. But…,” Mick shrugged. “Barely a day after everyone starts going crazy she shows up the exact same way; on every screen everywhere.” Hannah grinned.

“Yeah, and? C’mon,” she lightly punched his thigh. “Once you have tech advanced enough to hop between universes, showing up on every screen should be easy.” She shook the flyer. “She’s letting us live out our dreams for free,” she reminded him. “I know people that would sell their soul for this kind of thing,” she giggled some more.

“It’s not like she has anything to gain. She’s helping us because she’s a good person that is in a position to.” Hannah thrust the flyer into Mick’s face. “Hurry up and choose or I’m going without you,” she said.

“Fine,” Mick sighed and pulled the sheet from her hand and started reading it again.

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