Confession by Daylight

Kelsey sighed contentedly. The man she loved had his arms wrapped around her as they sat on the roof and watched the stars. A cool breeze glided across her skin.

“I can’t believe how perfect things have been lately.” She felt Albert squeeze her closer to him and she let her weight rest against him. “I guess God finally started paying attention to me,” she giggled.

“Or you have a secret admirer that’s on par with him,” Albert laughed. Kelsey giggled; she didn’t think the joke was particularly funny but she enjoyed the vibrations of his chest against her back as he laughed. She played along hoping to draw out more of his heart-melting laughter.

“I think that’d be even better. It might not be so bad to be the girlfriend of a god, even if it isn’t the capital G himself.” Albert’s laughter came to a stop; Kelsey immediately began to wonder if she said something wrong. “I mean, not that anyone could get me to leave you,” she added. It seemed unlikely to her that that’s what bothered him; but, it was all she had. Albert had not once shown any insecurity in their two-year relationship, but he seemed more open lately. She felt like he was about to ask her to take their relationship to the next step because he was giving her glances at his true self. She hoped this was a peek at his insecurity and she wanted to make sure he wasn’t punished in any way for it. Her worries were magnified when he abruptly pulled away from her and stood up. The breeze felt colder without him blocking the wind for her. “Something wrong, honey?” Kelsey asked.

“You know I love you, right?” He asked suddenly. “No matter what; I love you more than anything,” he said. Kelsey nodded.

“I know,” she said.

“Okay,” Albert said. “Good.” He looked down at her for several seconds, then turned to walk to the edge of the roof. Worry forced Kelsey to her feet.

“Honey? You okay?” She asked. She followed him from a distance. Whether he was planning to jump or not, being that close to the edge wasn’t safe and she did not want to pressure him in any way. She relaxed for a moment when he stopped at the edge but started worrying again as he sat on the edge. His legs hung over the edge as if he were poolside.

“I’ve never lied to you,” Albert said. He stared out across the night sky instead of turning to face Kelsey.

“Well that’s a good start,” Kelsey said. She tried to force laughter into her voice but she was so nervous her words came with a smart-ass tone. Albert did not notice it.

“I kept things from you,” he shrugged. “Some people count that as lying. But it wasn’t anything shady or anything,” his shoulders slumped. “I just didn’t know how you’d react to some things.”

“I love you,” Kelsey repeated from two feet away; she was still hesitant to get closer. Part of the reason she wanted to come to the roof with him so often was that she was afraid of heights. Even though they sat in the center of the roof on blankets and pillows; she knew they were high up. She loved the feeling of safety she felt in his arms while admiring the endless sky. “We can talk about whatever it is. But not at the edge like that,” she said.

“It’s time to come clean,” Albert said. He stood from the ledge with his back to Kelsey. “I love you, but you need to know everything,” he said; then, he took a single step forward.

“NO!!” Kelsey watched Albert raise his leg forward. She watched him shift his weight and lean forward over the edge and rushed to catch him. She bolted to the edge with arms stretched out; and, she bumped into him from behind pushing him forward more. He stumbled forward a bit but found his footing. Kelsey’s mind did not know how to react.

Gravity should have pulled him down faster than she could reach him; much less push him further. But she watched him try to find his balance after she shoved him. He was floating, walking on the air as if it were as solid as the roof she was on. After he found his balance he stood up straighter, in the air, and smiled at her.

“Well,” he said. “This is me.” He jumped in place, in the air, a couple of times for effect then walked back onto the roof. Kelsey clung to him.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“The long version or the short version?” Albert asked. Kelsey narrowed her eyes at him.

“Short for now. We’ll see how that goes over.” Albert reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. Kelsey thought it was his phone, but it looked like a newer model she’d never seen before. It was an entirely transparent glassy rectangle about the size of a playing card.

“This is called a node,” he said as he tapped the screen. It came to life to show the time, then Albert swiped and tapped through it to find something specific. “With this…,” he tapped an icon that looked like the Earth. “…I am pretty much…” he pulled up a picture of the moon; it was a waning crescent that matched the moon in the sky. He swiped it down and a bright yellow sun replaced the moon. The night sky around them instantly became bright blue with a golden sun at its peak. “…a god.”

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