Space Lizard Wizard

“What kind of action!?” a young voice yelled over the murmuring crowd. The suited reporters all stopped talking and turned to find the voice; all eyes fell on a teenage boy with a helmet of curly hair. The gathered media members stepped away from him in fear.

“Pardon?” one of the humanoids asked from the boarding ramp. They stood beneath a large black, futuristic, generic spaceship. The two strangers wore elegant white hooded robes that hid most of their bodies. Only their green, scaly faces could be seen. Their elongated snouts in combination with the scales made them look like walking lizards. The boy walked forward, the reporters stepped out of the way clearing a path for him.

“You’re threatening action. What kind of action?” he asked.

“This kind, human,” one of them said. He lifted his right hand; a bright blue bolt of lightning shot from his hand and charged at the boy. It struck him square in the chest but nothing happened. The teen smiled.

“Is that an official PvP request?” he asked then gave an exaggerated shrug. “Most people don’t usually duel Mods but if that’s what you want..”  Both figures on the ramp immediately took a step backward.

“Yo-you’re a Mod?” the one that didn’t attack with lightning asked. The boy nodded and continued walking until he reached the boarding ramp.

“Ms. Sharp wants you two to stop impersonating aliens,” he shook his head. “She doesn’t care if you take over a couple of abandoned servers,” he looked around at the gathered crowd. All cameras were on him; he shrugged. “They’re just NPCs anyway,” he added. “But the ‘idea’ of aliens is not something she wants to promote in the AlterNet. Clear?” he asked. Both figures immediately began nodding; they pulled back their hoods to show their fully reptilian heads.

“Good,” the boy said. “OREN!” he shouted. A black hole opened next to him. A taller, older teen walked out. He was deathly pale with a sharp black widow’s peak in the center of his forehead. “Server Reset,” the boy said then walked into the black hole that Oren created. Oren sighed and nodded his head.

“Sure thing, Aury,” he said. Oren raised his hand and pushed his finger against a single, red, glowing dot in the air. Red light rippled out of it and washed across the Earth. Everything in its wake was reset to that morning before the “aliens” landed.

The crowd of reporters was gone. Only the black spaceship, the two lizards and Oren remained in a wide-open field.

“Is that kid really a Mod?” One of the lizardmen yelled the question. Oren looked at him, then raised his hand in their direction.

“Yes,” Oren growled in frustration. The alien impersonator that asked the question fell into a hole that appeared under him, but it closed around his neck before he disappeared. His lizard head rolled forward down the ramp; it disintegrated into white nanos as it traveled.

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