Sue Me

“It’s over, dad,” Sue said in a tone that overflowed with spite and rage. The old man seated on an elegant throne carved from solid marble gave an exaggerated and slow applause. Sue stepped over the bodies of the self-proclaimed emperor’s elite guard and approached with a raised sword.

“Fantastic..,” the old man said as he dropped his hands to his lap. “I couldn’t be prouder how you turned out. You’re finally ready!” He quickly jumped out of his throne and dashed toward an exit hidden behind a curtain. Sue started to chase him but was surprised when the old man encouraged it. “Come on, I need to show you something.”

The emperor stood behind a table manipulating a wooden box as Sue walked in. He looked up and smiled again as he managed to open the box.

“It was all for you, you know…,” his smile softened and he shook his head. “You hate me, I knew you would,” he sighed. “I wanted you to,” he pulled out a small black card, unlike anything Sue had ever seen before. The card looked like a rectangular hole in space no matter how it was moved. “You need to be tough out there.”

“You enslaved humanity!” Sue growled. The old man chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah. The things you do for family, right? It wasn’t easy, but it was necessary. I needed you to learn to count on yourself and no one else. I think you finally got it!” He rushed around the table and patted Sue on the back with encouraging warmth.

“So… What? I learned my lesson and now the world goes back to normal?” The old man chuckled again but this time shook his head.

“Heavens no, I quite like this Earth as it is. But now…,” he tossed turned around and tossed the black card at a wall.  “…you get to see what’s out there.” Sue stepped back and raised the sword again.

“Out where. What are you talking about?” The old man sighed.

“This Earth is just one of countless. I made your life as difficult as I could to toughen you up. It’s tough out there. You might find friends, you might not, but at least now you know you’re plenty capable on your own.”

“That’s it? You did it all just to toughen me up?”

“All of it. From conquering the world down to your name.” Sue shook his head and chuckled internally.

“People sure do love beating up on boys named Sue.” 

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