Majestic Smackdown

A blue bolt of lightning came out of the twilight sky and struck the sidewalk in front of Majesty’s table. The diners screamed and scattered from their tables; some ran back inside the coffee shop. Some hopped the small fence and fled. All traffic in the area stopped, people abandoned their cars. Everyone recognized LightningStrike’s entrance.

Majesty recognized the villain’s customary arrival, but she did not flee. The purple-haired woman remained seated playing a game on her node. A tall, lean man in a blue too-tight body suit appeared after the flash of light. He looked down at the seated Majesty through his blue-opaque face shield. It was molded to look like a face without any defining features. Two indentations represented the eyes, and a small protrusion on the middle resembled a nose.

“You’re a brave one,” he said. His voice sounded loud, low and gravelly. The mask did not muffle his words at all, it seemed to come from his entire being. He approached the table. Majesty did not look up. “That kind of bravery only comes from confidence…,” he said. He took slow, menacing steps toward Majesty. “…confidence that you’re not in danger. Confidence that you’ll be saved by your…,”  Majesty’s node rang. The colorful game on her screen was replaced by a picture of her next to a handsome blonde man. “…heroic husband,” LightningStrike finished.

“Hello?” Majesty said. She answered the node while still ignored LightningStrike. The villain stopped in his tracks when she looked up at him finally. Her eyes were translucent purple; reminiscent of amethyst. “Yeah, he’s here,” she said. She gave an exaggerated shrug into the transparent, glassy rectangle. “That depends on him. I’m just having some coffee,” she said.

“I WILL NOT BE IGNOoooow. ow. ow. ow.”  LightningStrike bellowed as he reached for her node. His outburst was silenced by pain. The hand he used to take her node was very close to being crushed by Majesty’s right hand. She switched hands with the node and still had time to catch his attack.

“I can’t promise anything. Hurry up, babe. Love you,” she added, then set the node on the table. She released LightningStrike’s hand and he yanked it back to cradle it by his chest. “He’s out of your stupid little trap or whatever and on his way,” Majesty said. She waved a hand at him dismissively. “Go wreak havoc if you want to kill time.”

“What I want to kill…,” LightningStrike said as he wiggled his fingers to get feeling back in them again. “…is YOU!” he pointed both hands at Majesty and blue electricity flowed out of his hands and struck her square on the chest.

LightningStrike held the arcing bolt for several seconds. Majesty seemed to be growing annoyed, but otherwise remained seated. He gave up. Most people could not even handle his full voltage for a second. When he stopped he noticed her chest was protected by a layer of brown-purple stone. It melted back into her fair skin once the current ceased.

“You’re tougher than you look,” LightningStrike said. “So, I’ll skip to my final move.” He lifted his arms high, and a thunderclap sounded directly above them. “STORM OF Li-“

LightningStrike was interrupted by a sudden mouthful of dirt. He did not see what happened, he was looking up. He felt cool, confining earth squeezing him like a stress ball.  A giant hand made of dirt and rocks held him gripped like a sword hilt. In front of him, he saw Majesty holding her hand the same way.

“The only reason I haven’t killed you yet is my husband has fun playing hero. You should stick to playing with him and leave me alone,” she said. She raised her hand up by an inch and LightningStrike felt the earthen hand lift him too. She locked eyes and did it again to make it clear. The soil surged upward again. “Got it?” she asked. LightningStrike nodded quickly. “Good. Don’t forget it,” she said. He had just enough time to see her cock her hand back before he was flung out over the city like a baseball.

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