Slimy Guild

A scrawny, young fair-skinned girl stepped barefoot out of the heavy, dark plume of dust. Her dirty blond hair was pulled back in a short, tight bun. She wore a black shirt with loose, flowing, yellow pants. A handful of spearmen formed a barricade between the warlord and the young girl. She looked around the room and noticed half a dozen archers on a balcony behind the throne, as well as a couple of wizards in black robes. The wizards mumbled and kept their hands moving; blue magical energy whirled in their grasp at the ready. She took one more step into the gathering hall and large red text appeared in the air.

[Contested] It read. As soon as the word appeared the wizards loosed bolts of electric magic at her; arrows rained. She did not move an inch. Blue streaks struck her repeatedly, but the magic had no effect on her. As the frenzied first assault died down the ‘C’ in the floating word changed from red to green with a low chime. The girl remained still with a bright smile on her face.

“Who are you?” The warlord asked with a low and raspy voice from behind his armed guards. “Who do you represent?”

“I don’t have a guild yet,” the girl smiled. “That’s why I’m taking yours.” Another chime sounded as the ‘O’ changed from red to green.

“Wait!” he said with a pleading edge in his voice. “All you want is a guild? Please! You can just make your own! If you don’t have the nanos for it I’ll pay the fee for you!” She shrugged casually.

“I know,” she said. The ‘N’ changed to green. “But your guild is already maxed out. It saves me a lot of trouble,” the girl took a step toward the guards. They extended their spears but still stepped back. “You’re the one that built a guild on a PvP server. Don’t complain when someone stronger comes along.” She took another step and one of the guardsmen panicked. He rushed forward and impaled the girl through her chest. The sharp metal head exited through her back. It came out coated with a golden, viscous liquid instead of crimson blood. A chime signaled the ‘T’ changing to green and the girl somehow smiled brighter.

The panicked guard released the spear and fell back. The blonde girl stood up straighter with the spear through her chest. She grabbed the wooden haft and pulled. Not out toward the guard; she pulled the spear through herself and out to the side under her armpit. It was coated in a thick, golden, translucent liquid. Her black shirt remained whole somehow.

“She’s a slime!” The warlord yelled upward at the wizards. Their hands immediately began to collect blue energy again; this time they released frigid torrents of liquid at her. The archers all switched quivers; their new arrows glowed with dim blue magic. The ‘E’ transitioned to green. Three green letters later the girl and the warlord were the last ones standing. The girl was standing, the warlord cowered on his knees by his throne. He wasn’t trying to defy her; he was frozen there by fear. She was impossibly strong and fast. At several points during the fight, he swore she was in multiple places at once. She dodged arrows and magic while efficiently taking down the spearmen one at a time.

“Thanks for the guild,” she said. The ‘D’ changed to green with a high pitched ding and the word disappeared. A translucent, smokey slate appeared in front of the girl and floated chest high. She swiped and tapped at the glass, then the warlord blinked.

He opened his eyes and found himself outside on a hill over-looking his former guildhall. Small gold text hovered in front of his vision.

[Honey has kicked you from the guild.]

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