Lunar Flight

“I’m 14!” Astrid growled at the Captain. She landed in the middle of a battle and fled to cover. She found safety in the Captain’s tent, as well as the Captain and his armed guards. Luckily, the aging soldier kept a cool head and started to ask questions. Astrid took offense at being called ’13’.

“Really?” He looked the short, scrawny girl up and down. “I was guessing high already,” he shrugged. “Either way, how did you end up in the middle of a firefight?” Astrid shrugged.

“Ballisea dropped me off, I didn’t have a choice in where I landed.” After a moment she added another question. “Did I see a werewolf?”

“You’d know if you met her. So, thanks for not shooting at me., I’m gonna head out.” ent of other Fae,” the Captain replied. “But, back to you. ” the Captain said. “How did you get ‘dropped off’ in the middle of a combat zone? Who or what is a Ballisea?” Astrid giggled.

“You’d know if you met her. So, thanks for not shooting at me. I’m gonna head out.” Astrid turned to leave the tent, but stopped and turned back around. “Do you know anyone named Mundo? Or have you heard of a tattoo shop or diner or something named Mundo’s?”

“I think there’s a bar…,” One of the guards started to say, but he was interrupted by the Captain.

“Little girl, where do you think you’re going?” He asked.

“To a bar,” Astrid replied, then she looked at the guard who spoke up. “Where is it?”

“In Texas,” the guard replied after a nod from the Captain.

“Great! Uh. Where are we?” she asked. Laughter from the guards and the Captain himself filled the tent.

“Ohio,” the guard said. Astrid sighed and slumped her shoulders.

“Laaaaaame,” she said as she rose off the ground and floated forward through the tent’s exit. “I hate flying.”

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