Decisive Sun

Reed stared at the bright violet sky with awe. The mid-20s man was jogging through the park that morning when a purple flash blipped in the distance. That alone wasn’t enough to attract Reed’s attention, but it was quickly followed by several more. Blip after blip shot into the bright blue sky and lingered for a moment. He fell to a park bench as the violet glow overtook the endless azure.

“What’s happening?” Reed mumbled to himself. He looked down at the ground and saw the same similar purple glow growing on the other side of the Earth. A sudden hollow crash happened next to him; he jumped off the bench frightened and looked toward the sound. A white skeleton rose from a pile of bones. It became whole and took a step toward Reed as several more bone piles crashed down behind it. 

Reed took a moment to glance upward as he spun around to run the opposite direction. He noted several large black holes floating in the light purple sky. He caught sight of white bone piles raining out of the hole before he picked up speed. He only managed a few steps before several more bone piles landed in front of him; skeletons popped up. Reed did not slow down in time and crashed into the group of skeletons. They fell apart like cheap toys as Reed’s momentum carried him through them. They reformed once Reed landed on the ground. The group of bonemen turned to look at Reed, then they walked off in different directions. 

He breathed a sigh of relief when he realized they weren’t going to kill him and took his time in standing up. 

“Hola Palma,” a woman said from behind Reed once he was on his feet. He was startled again and spun around. A tall, pale woman with bone white horns spiraling out of her raven hair stared at Reed. She wore a long flowing black dress with slits on both sides. “You have two choices.”

“What are they?” Reed asked. It was obvious this woman was related to the skeletons somehow. She was likely the reason for the amethyst sky.

“Everyone else on this Earth is going to die. But I’m giving you a choice. Do you want to live alone on an empty Earth or die with everyone else.”

“Why me? Why do I get a choice?” Reed asked. He immediately started wondering how many of his friends he could save. If he could learn why he was special, maybe they would be too.

“Sorry,” the woman smiled. Two skeletons spilled from the sky to land next to her, one on each side. They immediately marched toward Reed. “Asking me a question wasn’t one of your choices. So, I’ve decided for you. Bye, now,” she winked as a black hole rose from the ground to swallow her into nothing. The last thing Reed saw was an endless, inky black abyss in the skeleton’s eye sockets.

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