Lunar Travel

“What are you trying so hard to hide?” the lean one asked. Astrid sighed at her captors. She looked up at the chubby one with greasy brown hair; he seemed to be the more level-headed of the two.

“I don’t have anything to hide, I’m just passing through.”

“Don’t lie!” the skinny guard asked. Despite the rounder one being more level-headed; more ribbons decorated the lean guard’s uniform. He was obviously in charge. “My most trustworthy men reported your ability to fly,” he leaned down to growl the accusation in her face. “Do you think that is uninteresting?” Astrid shrugged. She, as well as the chair she was strapped to, levitated off the ground.

“Who’s hiding it?” she asked before landing the chair again. Both guards stepped back in surprised awe. “I don’t like to do it, so yeah. It’s uninteresting to me.”

“Who are you, witch?! What do you want here?” the lean guard took a tentative step forward. Astrid rolled her eyes.

Finally,” she said. “I came to you guys, remember? You didn’t have to tie me up just to ask me what I wanted. I came to speak to your commander.”

“You? A little girl? Our commander has no time to play with dollies.” The thin guard chuckled. Astrid floated upward, chair and all, until her eyes were level with the guard’s.

“Are you stupid? A flying girl wants to talk to your superior… and you think he won’t be interested?” she asked.

“I’ll get him,” the chubby guard said; he turned and dashed out of the tent. The lean guard glared at Astrid for several quiet minutes until the other guard returned. He was followed by an older man with short green hair and a well-decorated uniform. He entered the tent with a stern look, but his eyes softened as soon as he saw Astrid.

“Hola, Luna. What brings you here?” he asked. He walked over to her and looked down at the bound girl. She stood from the chair in a smooth motion; she tore through the straps as if they were made from tissue paper. She waited patiently like a good host; but, now that he was there she did not need to pretend anymore.

“Looking for a ride out,” she said. “Know anyone?” As Commander Mundo nodded a black hole opened under Astrid’s feet and swallowed her whole.

“Wh- where did she go?” the lean guard asked as his head swiveled back and forth around the tent. The Commander shrugged.

“I don’t know, I didn’t get a chance to arrange a ride.”

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