Sharp Recruiter

“Congratulations!” the strange woman said; she shouted to cut through the murmur of confusion. When she snapped her fingers, the bus went completely dark for a moment. When light returned, they were no longer on a grid-locked city street. The towering brick buildings were replaced by distant mountains. The sidewalks were replaced by lush green grass. “You get to learn about the universe today!” After her announcement, she turned around and exited the bus. She waited for several seconds, then climbed back in. “Come on!” she encouraged them to follow her.

“Lady, what the heck is going on?” The bus driver stood from his seat to try and look more imposing somehow. Cliff felt responsible for his passengers and that responsibility gave him the courage to speak up. He looked out across the bus. It was half-full with his morning regulars. About 20 familiar faces nodded at him in appreciation. “I don’t know how you got us here, and I don’t have time to care. My riders need to get to work.” The woman giggled.

“Cliff,” she said after spotting his nametag. “What you folks are going to learn today is going to change your lives completely, your jobs won’t matter as much. Look outside,” she said. She took Cliff’s spot at the front of the bus, forcing him to sit down. “All of you, look outside. Do any of you know where we are?” Nearly two dozen heads swiveled to look out their windows at the scenic view. It looked like a fantasy world come to life, seemingly unspoiled by man or “progress”.

“New Zealand?” One of the younger passengers in a hoodie raised his hand. The woman giggled.

“We’re in an alternate universe! They exist!”

“And?” Cliff asked. “Can we get jobs in this universe?”

“Probably not in this one, but,…” she snapped her fingers again. The bus went dark for a moment. The scenic view was replaced by a more sterile view. They were now in front of a tall white building. Pedestrians wearing all white flowed up the path and into the building. “Sharp Development can get you a job in any universe you want.” None of the passing workers seemed concerned about the out of place city bus in front of their building.

“Looks like they have all the staff they need,” Cliff said. The woman shook her head.

“They don’t work in the building. There are portals in there that take them to their job in different universes.”

“Can I really get a job?” The young man in a hoodie asked. “Even if I’m from a different universe?” He stood from his seat to make his intentions clear. “and.. I don’t have much experience.”  The woman nodded.

“Sharp Development is an amazing company. They don’t hire positions, they hire people. If you go in and tell them you want to work, they’ll find, or even create, a position that lets you use your talents.

“Really?” The young man asked. “If that’s the case, I’ll go apply right now.” Several other passengers stood with him when the woman nodded.

“Really,” she grinned. “Commuter Recruiter wasn’t a position until they hired me.”

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