Worldly Advice

“Young man,” the counselor said, “follow me.”

Jerry followed, his mind filled with worry.

Reprimand? Detention? Suspension?

Which punishment awaited him?

They entered a small office.

The counselor closed the door, “So,”

he sat behind a name plaque that said ‘Mundo’.

“You’re really strong and don’t know how?”

Jerry shrugged and furrowed his brow.

“The answer is simple!” Mundo said.

“You’re Unique, a special soul.

Your strength comes from within you,

but it’s much easier to control

if you get inked with the number 42.”

“Getting a tattoo is your advice?!”

Jerry asked in surprise.

“My parents would lecture me at length!”

Mundo nodded and met Jerry’s eyes.

“If you don’t control your strength,

people will end up dead.”

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