Sunny Disposition

“Hey! I love your horns!” Suzy yelled at the tall pale woman strolling through the park. The woman wore a flowing black dress and had a pair of bone-white horns growing out of her midnight-black hair. She paused and looked at the approaching teenagers. Suzy and her two friends, Blake and Phil walked up to the stranger with friendly smiles.

“Thank you,” the woman replied. She glanced at them long enough to acknowledge, then she continued walking. Suzy moved quick to step in front of the woman, but she held her palms out to show she meant no harm.

“You look like you can handle yourself pretty well,” she said. “We’re on our way to take down the Dark Lord, I’m betting we could use your help. What do you say? Want to help save the world?” Suzy grinned. The stranger sighed and looked down her nose at the trio.

“You don’t know who I am?” she asked. All three teens shook their heads.

“Should we?” Blake asked. The woman gave a curt, firm nod.

“You should. Tell me, do you happen to have anything that belongs to this Dark Lord of yours?”

“I took a drop of blood,” Phil stepped forward holding a small glass vial. “I’m going back for the rest,” he puffed out his chest.

“Why should we know who you are?” Suzy asked. The woman smiled at her and took the vial of blood.

“Because my name is Ballisea,” she said. A horizontal black portal opened in the air next to her, and a heavily armored figure fell out of it and onto the ground.

“Who dares- ” The man in black armor bellowed as he pushed himself up. His rage was interrupted by a small black hole that enveloped his head. The hole closed around his neck, then his headless torso collapsed on the ground.

“That.. that was the Dark Lord!” Suzy exclaimed.

“It was,” Ballisea smiled.

“How can we ever thank you!” Suzy asked with an awed look.

“What’s my name?” Ballisea asked.

“Ballisea!” all three teens yelled.

“Good. If you want to repay me, I want you to tell everyone you meet what I look like. Tell them my name.”

“We will!” Suzy cheered. She motioned at Blake and Phil, then fell to her knees, the two boys followed suit. “We’ll spread the tale of Ballisea the Benevolent far and wide!” Ballisea shook her head with a sharp smile.

“No,” she said and pointed up to the sky. The three teens looked up at a swiss cheese sky. Dozens of wide black portals filled the sky. “On the next Earth you land on, tell them to run.”

“What do you mean the next Ear-” Suzy’s question was interrupted; a portal appeared under each of them. They fell in and disappeared.

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