Cookie Hole

“Fudge, Mint, and Golden,

Birthday cake, cinnamon, mystery.”

Dan pulled them out one by one.

“I’m telling you! Any variety!”

“Red velvet?” Gill hoped and guessed.

Dan nodded and reached in Gill’s pocket.

“It doesn’t even have to be my own socket.”

He gave Gill the cookie as requested.

“Lemon, coconut, we’ve seen them all.”

Dan sighed. “I want something new, something… I dunno,”

He reached into his pocket, his eyes grew tall

“This is it! I’ve never felt this one before.”

He placed the cookie on the table

It was orange and dusty and speckled.

Gill leaned close, “uh, cheese? No.”

“Cheese?” Dan smiled. “No.”

“This Oreo’s flavor is Dorito.”

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