Vanilla Snack

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” A voice filled the air moments after Albert stopped time. The mid-20s man froze time so that he wouldn’t be late to a movie. It was the first time he ever heard anyone else during his extended moments. He whirled around to find the mysterious speaker. A woman in a flowing orange dress glowered at him through crystalline orange eyes.

“Who are you? How can you move?” Albert asked her. As much as it surprised him to see anyone moving around; the fact was that he could control time. No one else on Earth could match that.

“My name’s Vanilla,” she said. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Vanilla repeated her question.

“What? You mean stopping time?”Albert asked smugly. “Or.. rewinding?” The time-stopped pedestrians around them took several steps backward then froze in place again.

“All of it! Every time you touch the timeline, don’t you know what happens?” Vanilla asked.

“No,” Albert replied. At his question, time resumed around them for a moment. “What?” he gave her a self-satisfied smile as the pedestrians froze again.

“Well, what happens is…,” Vanilla smiled at Albert and leaned in closer as if she intended to whisper a secret. “…it lets me know that you have the power to control time.”

“What?” Albert asked, he tilted his head at Vanilla in confusion. “So?”

“So then, I come and eat your soul,” Vanilla replied with a smile.

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