Sharp Revelation

“Who’s she?” Mortimer paused at the entrance to Satan’s office. The old, silver-haired billionaire expected to have a private meeting with the devil. A stern, pale woman in a white suit sat across from a large slab of obsidian that served as a desk. She did not turn to acknowledge Mortimer or his question of her. 

“Witness,” the giant, red-skinned man in a suit said. He smiled a sinister grin, “among other things.” Mortimer sighed and rolled his eyes. He was about to take charge of Hell; his first order of business would be to boot out the devil and his probable girlfriend. The old man made his way to the seat next to the woman and sat.

“What do we need a witness for? All the paperwork is in order, and a matter of public record. I own Hell now,” he smiled at the demon but ignored the woman sitting next to him. Even seated, the devil’s red form towered over the two humans.

“Yes, you do,” Satan nodded; the motion caused his twin, thick black horns to scratch the stone ceiling. “But, do you even know what we do here?”

“Torment souls?” Mortimer gave a half shrug. The truth was he did not once stop to consider what he’d do with Hell once he owned it. He saw a chance to own something no one else could and went for it.

“That can be part of it, but it’s not the whole picture,” the woman directed her response at Mortimer.

“Who are you?” he asked her.

“This is Ms.-” the devil began to introduce them but Mortimer interrupted.

“Nevermind. Nobody,” he said looking straight into her eyes, then turned his attention back to the devil. “So, you’re gonna give me a tour before I take over or what?” he asked.

“You won’t be taking over,” Satan said. “You own Hell, and you’ll earn profit as a result. However, you are not eligible to take my job. My successor is already in training.” Mortimer’s anger spiked; he clenched his fists to help him calm down.

HER!?” He pointed at the woman in the white suit. “That’s why she’s here, because she’s the next Satan?” Mortimer’s words were coated with disappointment, rage, and jealousy. Despite his near-screaming volume, the woman and Satan shared a chuckle between themselves.

“If you knew anything about her,” Satan said while smiling. “You’d know that she would never settle for this job; her sights are set much higher.”

“So why am I not in charge?” Mortimer asked.

“You can’t handle it,” the woman said. She gave Mortimer a broad, patronizing smile.

“BullSHIT!” Mortimer yelled. “I worked my ass off to build my company. I started from nothing and now,” Mortimer narrowed his eyes at the woman. “I. Own. Hell. Don’t tell me I can’t do the work.

“She’s right. It’s not about a workload, it’s about the nature of the job. There are things that, if you were to learn them, would snap your mind like a wishbone.” Mortimer glared at the woman in white.

“Oh, but she can know them?”

“I’m not weak,” her eyes sparkled as she answered Mortimer.

“RGHRA!!” Mortimer lashed out. He jumped to his feet and swung a heavy, open palm at her face. He watched her as he swung; he was eager to see the moment she realized what was coming.

Her smile never wavered. Mortimer’s hand never connected; something stopped his wrist before he slapped her.

“What the hell?” Mortimer looked at his hand and found another pale woman holding his wrist. She was chubbier than the woman in white and wore a black suit instead.

“Thank you, Melody,” the woman in white said. Melody threw Mortimer’s wrist back at him and glared.

“Sit down, Mortimer,” Satan said. The old man did, but he gave the devil a cold stare.

“I bought Hell. I want to run Hell,” he said. He had hundreds of questions about who the second woman was and where she came from. However, no one else seemed surprised by her sudden appearance. That was probably the kind of thing they were talking about and Mortimer did not want to appear startled.

“That is your right,” Satan nodded. “I was only trying to guarantee your safety. But,” Satan shrugged, “it’s your risk to take. Though, you do understand that if you’re not mentally fit for the job you forfeit it. And should something happen to you, I assume all control of Hell again.

“Is that a threat?” Mortimer asked. Upon asking the question, Mortimer realized there was nothing he could do if it was. Luckily, Satan shook his head.

“Not at all, but remember what I said about your mind snapping?” Mortimer nodded. “Well, it’s happened a time or two. Sometimes, when someone finds out what we do here, they don’t know how to process it. In a panic, they look for the… uh… quickest exit.”

“He means that they’re so weak-willed and cowardly,” the woman in white spoke up. “That they’d rather kill themselves than deal with reality.”

“I’m no coward,” Mortimer said through gritted teeth.

“Very well,” the devil nodded at the woman in white.

“Melody, wait outside,” she said.

“Yes, Ms.Sharp,” Melody replied and turned to leave the office. The young woman stood outside the office door for about 45 minutes before she heard a single gunshot. Shortly after the bang, the office door opened.

“Melody, dispose of the weak man’s corpse,” she said.

“Yes, Ms.Sharp.”

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