Hot Melody

Marcus Preston dashed into the office at full speed. He did not bother to try and close the door; they would break through it faster than the time he spent closing it. He rounded the desk and frantically opened the second drawer.

“Come on, Mr. P! There’s nowhere to hide in there!” Fire Captain, the new, self-proclaimed ruler of the Earth shouted. He and his friends laughed as they approached the office at a casual pace through the darkened hall. Marcus pulled a small white box with a red logo from the drawer. He lifted the top to reveal a solid black business card; it was so dark it looked like a rectangular hole in the box.

“Whatcha got there, Marky?” Mega-Mary asked from the doorway. The young blonde was easily the strongest person on Earth. “Did you get me a gift?” she grinned while Marcus pulled the black card out. He turned and threw it against the wall behind him as the rest of the group entered the office. On impact, the card bloomed into a tall black portal.

“There’s no escape, Mr. P,” Fire Captain chuckled when a quick gale coursed through the room. Suddenly, a short teenager with red spiky hair stood between him and the portal with a toothy grin.

“What is it, Mr. Preston?” A woman asked from behind the speedy redhead. A short, plump woman with short dark hair stepped out of the black hole. She wore a black suit and an annoyed expression. Marcus immediately pointed at the Fire Captain.

“He’s trying to claim Ms. Sharp’s property!” he shouted.

“Oh,” the woman replied. She reached forward and grabbed the redhead by the neck and lifted him off the ground. In a single motion, she lifted and tossed him into the portal behind her, then it closed.

“HEY!” Mega-Mary shouted and she charged at the woman; Fire Captain stepped forward and two more teenagers walked into the room. The blonde girl crashed through the office desk to get to the woman, then she threw punch straight at her.

The dark-suited woman raised a single hand to catch the punch with her palm. Mega-Mary screamed as soon as her fist connected and she yanked it back to cradle her hand in her arm. At least, what was left of her hand. Her fingers and knuckles were completely burned off and cauterized as if she dipped her fist in lava. Mega-Mary retreated to her group and Fire Captain stepped forward.

“You think you’re hot stuff? I’ll show you some real heat,” he said. His body ignited into bright blue flames; he aimed both hands at her and released a beam of blue fire.

The flames traveled about a foot from his hand, then they were swallowed by a black hole that appeared in the air. Suddenly, Mega-Mary screamed again. Fire Captain’s flames went out and he turned around in a panic. He managed to see Mega-Mary’s backside as she fled through a wall, her body was covered with blue flames.

“You BITCH!” Fire Captain shouted. The woman shrugged; but, a faint grin tugged upward on the corner of her mouth.

“My turn,” she said and raised a hand aimed at Fire Captain. She released a small burst of bright blue plasma at his head. As it traveled through the air, the glowing energy wasn’t much larger than a ping-pong ball. Fire Captain smiled and increased the heat of his flames to match the sky-blue shade.

The plasma hit Fire Captain’s flaming forehead and kept going, his flames were immediately snuffed out, and he collapsed to the ground. The woman turned to look at the remaining pair of teenagers; they were huddled in a corner.

“This Earth belongs to Dana Sharp,” she said. “It’s being run the way she wants. Spread the word; anyone that wants to do things differently has to go through me.”

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