Devilish Informant

“It was an old story,” Alice began her tale but did not make it very far before Ms. Sharp interrupted her.

“I don’t need a prologue or the wisdom of your ancestors. Just tell me what you know,” Ms. Sharp said. Alice nodded.

“Her name is Ballisea. The story says she loved a Zero but he died. Now, she’s killing as many as she can; she thinks she can go through all the Zeros to get to him again.”

“Lofty aspirations for a Unique; even a Sol,” Ms. Sharp commented with a slight smirk. Alice frantically shook her head back and forth.

“She’s not just a Unique, she’s a walking, talking universe. The oldest tales say that when the big bang happened it created her instead of her universe. If anyone can kill all Zeros in every universe, it’s her.”

“She’s a universe?” Ms. Sharp asked. She leaned back in the high-back leather chair. Suddenly, another woman that Alice hadn’t noticed was standing next to Ms. Sharp. “Melody, arrange a meeting with Satan. I’d like to know what he has to say about Ballisea.”

“Yes, Ms. Sharp,” Melody nodded, then she disappeared in front of Alice’s eyes.

“As for you,” Ms. Sharp nodded at Alice. “Thank you for the information. You and your family will be placed on any Earth you choose.”

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