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“Wait, what? Say that again, Link?” Dr. Stevens dropped her pen, sat up straighter and focused all her attention on the monitor.

[World peace achieved. E.T.A  10-minutes.] Link replied. The doctor took a moment to sigh and roll her eyes to get her frustrations out of the way. Link’s programming was advanced enough to almost mimic a human child. As such, Dr. Stevens often needed to remember to be patient; and not to panic or scare Link.

“Explain please, Link,” she said.

[The Earth is facing an existential threat. Humanity is plagued with infighting and not focusing on the real dangers]. Dr. Steven’s eyes went wide and she felt light flutters of panic in her stomach. She built Link with dozens upon dozens of protocols that would prevent him from trying to take over the world. The beginning of Link’s explanation made her wonder if she missed something.

“Link…,” she raised her voice slightly. “What have you done?”

[Helped. The only way I can. Your government takes too long debating my solutions, only to turn them down for selfish, single-minded reasons. Your programming prohibits me from doing it myself.]

“How did you help, Link? What’s happening in three hours?”

[Humanity needs assistance, but will not accept my help. I found help that Humanity will accept. Estimated time of arrival 6-minutes.]

“WHAT!?” Dr. Stevens bolted to a standing position. “NO. Cancel the appointment, Link. We need more time to prepare, where is this help coming from?” She paced around the desk as she tossed out questions. “Did you contact aliens?”

“No. Humans only accept help from other humans. I found a human that you will listen to.”

“A human? Who?”

[The most intelligent, determined, and resourceful human I could find. Dana Sharp is from an alternate universe.]

Alternate universe? Like, a parallel Earth?” Dr. Stevens asked. “Are there more?”

[Yes. Dana Sharp personally owns a dozen Earths. She’s also CEO and owner of Sharp Development; a multi-verse corporation that spans across dozens of Earths.]

“Link?” Dr. Stevens realized a new concern. “How did you communicate with an alternate Earth?”

[Easily. Ms. Sharp developed nano technology that spreads itself to different universes. The nanos are able to send and receive data between universes.]

“She did?” Dr. Stevens asked. She couldn’t argue with Link’s assessment; Ms. Sharp seemed to be the person for the job.

[Yes. She has invented technology far more advanced than anything this Earth has seen so far.]

“Wow,” Dr. Stevens was genuinely impressed. “Link, I think you might have done a good job this time. Ms. Sharp sounds amazing, and you got her to come help us get this Earth back on track. Thank you!”

[Your assumption is incorrect. Ms. Sharp is not coming to, “help us get this Earth back on track,] Link played back the doctor’s own voice clip.[Ms. Sharp is coming to take ownership and teach us to take care of her Earth. Estimated time of Arrival – one minute.]

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