Don’t Wake Mummy

“Rrrawaaggh!” The mummified corpse groaned as he climbed out of his stone coffin. Ruben and his crew replied with screams of their own; the three adult males shuffled into a corner of the room. The mummy’s coffin sat between them and the door. “raaaaagh,” the mummy grumbled at them.

“He definitely noticed us,” Ruben whispered to his team. He placed his hands on Eric’s shoulder, ready to shove him forward and dash for the door. To their surprise, the animated corpse changed direction. It shambled toward them for a couple of steps, then faced the wall and kept walking. Ruben relaxed his grip slightly, but didn’t move his hands.

Every groaning step the creature took confirmed that it wasn’t walking at them. The trio kept their backs to the wall and shuffled in the direction of the door.

“RAAAAAARR!” It whirled around with surprising speed as they neared the exit. It pointed at them; then the sound of heavy stone falling into place echoed through the chamber. The door closed with them inside. Seemingly content they weren’t going anywhere, the mummy turned back to the wall.

Once it reached the wall it ran its hands along its stone surface. Ruben watched a stone brick slide out, then up; it left a small cubed opening that the creature reached into.

It drew out an upturned, gold-embellished human skull. It lifted the skull to its face like a cup and began to drink. Viscous black liquid poured out of the skull into the mummy’s mouth. It leaned back turning its head upward to get every last drop. When the cup was emptied it placed it back into the wall, then turned to face the three men.

“Sorry for the rudeness,” it said clearly. “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee, am I right?!” the mummy chuckled. The men were too confused to laugh, so it changed the subject. “So, what year is it?”

“2020…,” Ruben managed to find his voice.

“Oh,” the mummy said. It walked forward, but did not go around its coffin. Instead, it started climbing back in. “No thanks, this is one of the worst years to wake up in. Uh, I curse anyone that tries to wake me up this year. Turn the lights off on your way out.” The stone door slid open again as the stone coffin closed itself.

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